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lalo galvani
Leopard look

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Jun 15 2007
okay i am confused now.
there so many leopard themes out there :S
I downloaded the one on this page!+(Mac4Lin)?content=66165

it comes with everything you need to transform gnome to look like leopard.
- Sep 14 2007
Neutronium DeepBlack

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by sen7
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Feb 01 2008
Thanks man!!
I am switching to xfce4 just because of your theme!
I love it ! keep up the good work ;) - Aug 17 2007
I finally got this theme installed on gnome ;)
it looks real good!
but I still have some questions about this theme.

I would like to make my apps appear when I right click on my desktop just like in screenshot 2. What do I need to do?
and I would also like to configure my term to look just like on the screenshot!
sorry, just love the theme ;) - Aug 16 2007
hey !
I really love how this theme looks on the screen shot, but I am very new to linux and would like to install this theme on my gnome desktop. I need a small tutorial on how to install this time I tried moving the folder i extracted to /home/penguinux/.themes but it won't appear on the theme manager :(
oh! and it would be very nice if you share your wall paper :)
and perhaps the configuration file of your therminal ! it looks fantastic!
thanks in advance! - Aug 16 2007