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Rene T
Fractilly 11 ws

Wallpaper Other by linuzoid 2 comments

Not only is it a great piece but it also has a commercial feel to it, don't take that wrong, I mean to say that it could appear in print as a promotional design for a company...excellent job. - Mar 31 2011
Magicians Code

Wallpaper Other by daveyboy 6 comments

yep ditto, it does jump out at you. Good job! - Mar 31 2011

Wallpaper Other by DonPedro 2 comments

definitely, the render is sweet, shadows and lighting environment is cool, plus I like the look of the object itself in the sense that it almost appears, at least to me, like a liquid metal in zero gravity with a touch of some kind of nefarious algae-like alien life form growing on things that can be interpreted differently depending on the viewer. - Mar 31 2011
Prophet 2011 - II.

Wallpaper Other by linuxlex 1 comment

two thumbs up!! - Mar 31 2011

Wallpaper Other by pentux 2 comments

thanks for the comment I deeply appreciate that! - Oct 22 2010
Dark Dragon Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by linuxlex 8 comments

it's cool, keep being creative! - Oct 22 2010
Where Halloween Pumpkins Are Born

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 1 comment

nice! - Oct 22 2010
Straub Beach Oregon

Beaches and Oceans by vinoman 2 comments

ahhhh the empty beaches north of cal, powerful and beautiful, never much liked the ice cream headaches from duck-diving though; Gerry Lopez giving up the seven mile wonder for it pretty much says it all...:) - Jul 19 2010
Strawberry Red

Wallpaper Other by pentux 3 comments

I am really glad people are enjoying the images, makes me want to keep posting some new a week or two I'll try to post an image I have been working on in Maya - Jun 30 2010
Fractilly 11 ws

Wallpaper Other
by linuzoid

9   Apr 01 2011

Wallpaper Other
by FluX_double

3   Oct 22 2010
9   Oct 22 2010