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Sep 25 2009
There's a sticky bug report in the google code page for icon suggestions.

I won't add icons for applications that already supply theirs in all sizes (leafpad) or KDE applications (k3b) since it's redundant, but if the application does not fall in the above categories and can be themed (i.e. it'll actually use a custom icon) I'll take a look. - Jul 26 2009
Theming openoffice is not done from an icon theme, but from the app itself.

If someone wants to make one, feel free!

I personally think it's better to urge openoffice devs to do away with their icon themes, and use as many icons from the current icon set as possible. - Jul 26 2009
You can already have it. Just download the source pack and make a theme file with the desired color palette!

For next release, an "extras" package will probably have "gnome-tribute" as well as industrial/aluminium and dark variations. You can wait until then, if you don't feel comfortable building it yourself from the sources - but they won't be part of the main set or have shiki/arc to match. - Jul 23 2009
Thanks for the site, it's really easy to get a 4-color palette from it!

Another way to have fun with colors is to install "agave", which is a great color scheme designer.

Although I do agree, while some colors palettes look great - some make the icons look like they came out from a george romero film. Either way, the version in SVN now allows for mix-n-match, so you can specify multiple palettes for different types of icons. - Jul 20 2009
I don't really remember the palettes I used for them back then... I imagine just shades of gray will work:

LightFolderBase: Light gray / near white
LightBase: A few shades darker than above.
MediumBase: Darker than above.
DarkStroke: A dark color for borders.

I don't remember, but perhaps try the "tribute" set in the meantime, I'll work on aluminium now that SVN can use multiple palettes for different type of icons. - Jul 17 2009
The next version will have an install-unbranded option, so if you use that, the gnome-colors logo will not be installed and the theme will just inherit Ubuntu or whatever other distro branding you may prefer.

As for the GNOME foot - you can just do the following command (you need GIT)

git clone git://

Then just browse to ~/gnome-icon-theme/ICONSIZE/places and you should be able to change the start-here.svg GNOME foot to any color you want with Inkscape. Just click on a dark shape - click on an orange color in the color toolbar and you're done, click File > Export and you'll get PNG versions. Then you can use them for any icon theme as your start-here icon. - Jul 17 2009
The problem was never the box, it's the audio waves that make it hard to tell playing state. That's the reason a different design is needed. - Jul 15 2009
BTW, you can probably use the new source pack to refresh your Humanoid icon set - it might be easier for you to change the colors for action/apps icons on-the-fly.

As long as the license is the same, it should be fine. As Benjamin Drug mentioned in a comment above, the source for generated custom icons would be the theme file with the color values. - Jul 15 2009
I like those, but I'm thinking something more along the lines of the exaile icon - having a play sphere and a pause sphere could work.

As for speakers, I think the new ones for Listen music player are really nice! Brown and black look really well in it. - Jul 15 2009
No problem. Since the set has to fit in with both dark and light themes, usability must come first sometimes.

Clearlooks-Colors is a bit outdated - I haven't supported it for a very long time, so panel matching/code may not be perfect sometimes, although it should still work correctly. I'd suggest trying out some other light themes that have multiple color variations (ryo-colors and semplice-colors look rather nice).

However, perhaps I can also work on a fully light/fully dark version of Shiki once day/night icon sets can be built. - Jul 15 2009

We're already working on more customization (i.e. alternate color palettes for mix and match color-schemes like gnome-tribute) so that grayscale or uncommon colors will not look too lifeless! - Jul 14 2009
The rhythmbox stock icons make it really difficult to tell playing and not playing status in dark panels.

The current icons make it easier to tell apart, that is the sole reason I include them. I've said before I'm not content with the equalizer either, but I can't come up with better, intuitive designs for playing/notplaying metaphors - so mockups are wellcome. If I get mockups/designs for a better Rhythmbox icon I'll make them, otherwise I'll leave the current ones so that playing status is visible in dark panels. - Jul 14 2009
Some emblems were removed because gnome-icon-theme already shipped them. Others, such as "pictures" are redundant since GNOME uses "photos" instead.

I'll look into any missing emblems that aren't shipped by GNOME or redundant, you can probably file a bug at the project page - that way I won't forget.

As for the "System" emblem, it's known although there is no solution from my end, it seems to be an inheritance issue bug by Nautilus. Other icon sets such as Tangerine that inherit the icon from somewhere else also experience this issue.

It happens because that emblem icon is inherited from "gnome-colors-common", but nautilus uses another icon instead. When this icon is inherited, for some reason this happens - it's best to file a bug in Nautilus, otherwise I'll just replace the "Cog" with the same icon to at least keep consistency. - Jul 14 2009
Nevermind, it doesn't seem to use the icon even if it's included in the theme itself. - Jul 14 2009
I don't mind, go ahead!

Perhaps the location icon can be fixed in the theme itself by adding a syslink with the same name to the go-home icon.

I'll give it a test and see if it works. - Jul 14 2009
Also, future versions of the source pack will probably let you specify more than one palette - so you can have a type of icons be one color, and another type be some other color. This will help fix the monotony that black/white variations might currently create. - Jul 14 2009
The source pack was created specifically for customization! You're free to do with it as you please as far as the free GPL license allows.

The resulting themes are only around 300KB, so sharing and hosting right here in gnome-look is possible.

You might just want to specify or link that GNOME-Colors have to be installed in order to satisfy the "gnome-colors-common" dependency, and so that the custom icon themes will work correctly.

As for your set, perhaps I'd make the LIGHTBASECOLOR a quite a bit lighter - the actions (arrows) look flat. But the palette is otherwise well chosen. - Jul 14 2009
GNOME does care. The one-canvas branch is heavy in development and many of those icons are backported for use in gnome-colors and for future gnome-icon-theme integration. :)

As for the icons I'll give them a look, although I'm not sure if they'll even fix it before I get to do anything, as I included about 20 icons for Evolution in previous versions - but in Jaunty, they use the correct stock icons, so there's only 2-3 Evolution icons left in gnome-colors. - Jul 14 2009
Oh, BTW - In Ubuntu Karmic, sudo apt-get install gnome-colors is all you need (after you enable universe repo).

All thanks to Benjamin Drung and Andrew Starr-Bochicchio. - Jul 14 2009
It's because Epiphany already ships the exact same icons!

Any icons that have been removed meet one of the following criteria:

1. The exact same icon is shipped by gnome-icon-theme.
2. The exact same icon or better is shipped by their application.
3. The icon is obsolete in the latest releases of GNOME.
4. The icon is redundant (i.e. emblem-danger when there is emblem-warning/important).
5. The application hardcodes its own icons, it's best not to ship icons for it. - Jul 14 2009
Already fixed in 5.2.1 - Jul 14 2009
There's a minor bug in the makefile of the distributable package for 5.2, you can install the normal ways (copying to /usr/share/icons), through Appearance Preferences or wait for the PPA until a fix is released.

The makefile for the source package works correctly, you may also install from there. - Jul 14 2009
That's it. Thanks to all the wonderful work by Benjamin Drung in the new makefiles, and full SVG icon redrawing on my part, GNOME-Colors just overtook rainbows and unicorns.

In addition to the 7 complete color variations, you can create your own - in minutes, from the source package. Read the instructions for theme creation and its dependencies, or clowns will eat you.

Unleash your creativity, GNOME-Colors is free software. Do with it as you please, share your custom creations with others. As long as "gnome-colors-common" is installed, all your custom color icon creations will work perfectly and theme everything completely. - Jul 14 2009
The best way to fix this is to actually file a bug for AWN, that way all Linux users can benefit from the change. I think they already ship 32px and scalable sizes, so they're probably only missing 16/22/24px icons.

You can file a bug here (if there isn't one already): - Jul 13 2009
Simply remove any icons you don't like (and refresh the icon cache) and it'll go back to the normally used icon!

The logo icons are usually in the /*/places folders. I only include the logo because some distributions default to the GNOME foot rather than their branding, and the foot is hard to see in dark panels. - Jul 13 2009
I adjusted the gradients and stroke lines in SVN for all folders. They should now be more "plastic" and "candy-like".

"cartooney" on the other hand, is very subjective. The only way to make folders more realistic-looking is to add gloss - which doesn't really fit with the rest of the icons, since everything uses smooth gradients rather than gloss. - Jul 12 2009
It's fixed by Benjamin, as noted on the posts below. You can checkout the new makefile and it should work correctly even if your text editor leaves backup files behind. - Jul 12 2009
Nevermind, Benjamin already fixed this. - Jul 12 2009
I think Gedit leaves hidden backup files after editing by default, I usually have that preference disabled so I hadn't noticed.

Hidden files should probably be ignored. Meanwhile, you can disable automatic backups in Gedit's preferences or run "sudo make install-name-of-theme" to install and make only the theme you want. - Jul 12 2009
Can you give a bit more information?
I don't think I can reproduce this issue. Perhaps you left a hidden file called "gnome-dark~" in the "themes" folder.

As for other desaturated icons, I think there are only about 3-4 more that could be recolored safely and benefit from recoloring. If I get the time, I'll add them, but the rest will stay in common to keep things small and have more color variety. - Jul 12 2009
If you don't mind a little breakage and you're feeling adventurous, you can check out SVN and let me know of any issues you encounter.

Icons are now rendered, recolored and recreated from source. This means you can create a "theme" text file with color values and a complete gnome-colors variation will be built for you (Instructions in README). It will be just as complete as the current ones.

I'm particularly interested in knowing if you see an icon not render properly, or any inconsistency (I had to recreate a few objects to port everything to SVG). Any other input regrarding the automated theme creation is also very appreciated. If everything gets settled quickly, anyone will be able to recreate gnome-colors for every color in the rainbow. - Jul 11 2009
All folders will probably get a redesign with the next update. It probably won't be more than stroke alignment fixes and better gradients, though.

The current focus of development is an application that will completely recreate and recolor all icons not in "gnome-colors-common" from their sources, allowing for infinite color variations. This takes priority over redesigned folders, so other than minor gradient/stroke fixes I wouldn't expect much on that end for now. - Jul 10 2009
No problem, enjoy! - Jul 09 2009
No more icons will be desaturated, although there is a reason for Nautilus being colorless; better consistency with nautilus-actions icon, better consistency with icons based on gnome-icon-theme's file managers - and being the most commonly used icon, subtle and unified colors suit it best.

That said, still - the main reason is that future versions of gnome-colors will make it possible to create infinite color variations in minutes. After the nautilus changes and other newly added icons, now all the color variations consist entirely of "safe-to-recolor" icons. This means that in the future, you will be able to recreate a complete gnome-colors theme with any color of your liking - by simply inputting three color codes.

Then again, it's up to the community wether they prefer being able to have more color on a handful of icons or be able to paint gnome-colors any color they like. - Jul 09 2009
If you're using the PPA, everything should be handled by the packages - so you can just relax and not think about updates, icons or whatnot. Just enjoy your summer.

I'd still make really sure not to have an old version in ~/.themes or ~/.icons (the ones installed through Appearance Preferences) - If you do, that version is used instead of the one the PPA/Makefiles install. - Jul 09 2009
More than folder icons are changed, everything that is not in the "common" package such as devices, desktops, actions, folders, applications, etc changes color depending on the theme you choose :)

As for virtualbox, both it and the system monitor icons have been fixed - that shouldn't happen anymore with the 5.1 version I just uploaded.

And yeah, Rhythmbox needs an update. I'm just not sure what design would work... It needs a "playing" and a "not playing" icon, that's why I've stuck with the current ones for so long. Mockups/ideas for Rhythmbox icons are appreciated. - Jul 08 2009
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

GDM Themes 123 comments

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Aug 03 2009
Thanks, enjoy!

Although a script to make everything random sounds really interesting. Imagine every time you log on, having a different color variation for gdm/gtk/icons/wallpapers, you never know what you're gonna get. - Jul 23 2009
This is probably the last release for Arc-Colors. The new GDM framework does not support GDM theming and currently has no graphical tools. Ubuntu was the last major distributuon holding on to the old GDM framework, but this will be changed for Ubuntu Karmic. The wallpapers will probably just be merged with Shiki-Colors in the future.

There are bugs already filed, and GNOME developers already have their hands full with this - so it's best not to make things worse and just adapt to the new GDM and wait until the developers can work their usual magic in the future. - Jul 14 2009
Just what I was thinking, although I've no idea if it's even possible with current GDM.

If anyone has any tips on implementing this, let me know. - Jul 09 2009

GTK2 Themes 663 comments

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Aug 03 2009
Can't really do that without breaking Firefox (at least more than the current design does).

The main issue is that Firefox uses menu-item text colors for MenuBar text, instead of MenuBar text colors, which is why NewWave has unreadable menu bars.

To summarize, you can have light menubar with light menus or dark menubars with dark menus - but not dark menubars with light menus and viceversa.

If this gets fixed in Firefox, I'd give it a try. - Jul 16 2009
Oh yes, that's GTK. Just use the "Clearlooks" version, Murrine does not support striped tabs. - Jul 15 2009
I forgot to mention that to get the Striped look, you have to select it in Appearance Preferences as "Window Border". - Jul 15 2009
The stripe is still there!

The new metacity has a more traditional and usable design, but I always include a "Striped" variation so that everyone is happy and to pay homage to the original design.

As for the active window list button, I've never really had any readability issues with it. The font/background color was designed to have a similar contrast to the rest of the dark items (near-black background with light gray text as opposed to dark gray with white text). Both cases have a similar contrast between background and text, yet are similar enough to be consistent.

As for a colored stripe - I'd love to do something like that, but it can only be done with pixmaps, not with an engine. The theme is rendered with GTK engines only to keep the best possible performance, consistency, and allow for user customization. Having a stripe there may also have positioning issues, so the user may have to set larger panels, etc. - Jul 15 2009
I'll make the change. - Jul 14 2009
Sorry - I misunderstood.

I'm not too familiar with the naming/branches of Fedora repos. For me, Main repo usually represents the stable, main archive. In this case, you were referring to the factory/unstable branch.

I'll update the description. - Jul 14 2009
Thanks, I'll add the link.

Someone is also working on RPM packages and a repo for Fedora with all the themes, although currently only SVN can be packaged (the spaces in the metacity make it hard to package the current stable version).

More info on the fedora/rpm's can be found here: - Jul 13 2009
Thanks for the tip!
It'll look properly on Karmic, at the very least - unless you use the VLC ppa. - Jul 08 2009
Even More Gnome-colors Extras

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Sep 19 2009
I'm really grateful for the link, but please remove the "vote good" part in it!

I'm sure it's because you copy/pasted the urlbar link, but it might be unfair to users who may dislike gnome-colors or haven't checked it out yet to vote either way automatically.

Either way, thanks for the extras pack! - Jul 14 2009

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
Wow, I am astonished.

I gave this a try once again, and it's an entirely different beast from when it first started.

This is just INCREDIBLE.

I just have very small some suggestions, though - feel free to ignore me.

* Please document recommended height settings. With GNOME/Tango and similar icon sets, you need to set panel height as such:

26px height for 22px icons.
28px height for 24px icons.
36px height for 32px icons.
52px height for 48px icons.

I say this because icons look blurry in any other panel height setting. If possible, Dockbar should not use in-between icon sizes, only 22/24/32/48 or larger, just like gnome-panel does for launchers.

* Using the GTK theme's selected background color instead of yellow would be awesome. GNOME Do's Docky does something similar, although I'm not sure how it could be implemented in Dockbar. - Jul 12 2009
elementary Icons

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Apr 09 2010
The next-gen GNOME icons are developed here:

I'm sure you can get some ideas and sources regarding the monitor stands or anything else you might need to create display icons that'll satisfy you. - Jul 08 2009

Full Icon Themes
by jonian

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Jul 08 2009
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes
by DanRabbit

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Jul 08 2009
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Jun 10 2009