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Sep 25 2009
I've decided to redo the entire Dust set from scratch. The current palette is too similar to other system icons such as packages, etc...

Long story short, expect a brand new, more chocolate-y Dust version later tonight or early tomorrow.

If you like the current Dust icon color-scheme implementation, keep a copy of it! It will be entirely replaced with true chocolate colors. - Jun 20 2009
Sorry, I didn't quite get it. Do you mean to ask, is it possible for me to add a Frugalware icon to the packages, or do you just want permission to redistribute the packages with a frugalware logo?

If you want to modify, add icons or redistribute gnome-colors with Frugalware icons, you can already do so without any worries!

If you want me to add Frugalware icons on my end... Well, I could add them, but I wouldn't have anywhere to place them. There's only one icon for distribution logos, so the generic pinwheel logo is used. If anyone wants to use their distro's default branding, they can just remove the pinwheel icon from gnome-colors and official branding will show up. - Jun 20 2009
Already done upstream. I miss the green play button, but consistency across all themes is more important.

Record and Eject will remain red for easier recognition, though... Although I don't expect this to cause any inconsistency. - Jun 20 2009
Peace & Love, man. - Jun 20 2009
I think it's best that they're not colored now... It looks just a tad cleaner.

Although I do miss the color, it makes things look less cluttered, particularly in the human theme. The orange would stick out badly when media icons were placed all in a row.

I left play/pause/stop buttons colored for now as I didn't know how people would react to the recent changes... many colors have been moved around, so it can be hard to adjust. If people are comfortable with gnome-colors heading in a more aluminium/neutral direction, I'll change the rest of the media buttons to aluminium as well to avoid any inconsistency. - Jun 20 2009
It can take any time between a few days or a few minutes... be patient!

I do, however think that they're all up to date right now. - Jun 20 2009
It's already out... All gnome-dust arc-dust and shiki-dust artwork can be downloaded now.

Click Ctrl+F5 to update the previews. - Jun 20 2009
Well, I have great news for you guys! All the recent work I've put into making application icons color-neutral has paid off (less icons to recolor when making new color variations)...

I just managed to complete a new icon set called gnome-dust in only 8 hours. Shiki-Dust and Arc-Dust are also finished, I just need to GIMP the preview images with the new icons and I'll upload version 4.0 of gnome-colors.

I won't replace gnome-human just yet, since I managed to fit all 6 icon sets into only 21 MB. Not too bad. - Jun 20 2009
Should gnome-human be replaced by a brown/chocolate colored version? Orange has served us well, but I guess this would be much easier on the eyes.

Or perhaps just add a new set and call it gnome-chocolate/dust?

Mockup: - Jun 19 2009
Oh, and sometimes GNOME won't refresh menu items unless you logout or run sudo killall gnome-panel so that may be a simpler solution if the icons installed already. - Jun 18 2009
Then again, my bash-fu is very weak..

If anyone wants to contribute a simple, graphical script for installing the extras that would only copy files for applications that are already installed and the current version of Firefox (while taking into account that not every distro uses "sudo"), they're more than welcome! - Jun 18 2009
Firefox icons are now solely on "Extras" for personal use, to respect mozilla's branding. If the Firefox icons don't show up after installing extras, try renaming the folder in extras-gnome-colors-11/usr/lib/firefox-3.0.11 (latest version I've got from Ubuntu repos) to your version of Firefox. It should add the official branding from Firefox 3.5 which is very good looking... If you prefer the Tango style firefox, I've linked to a package containing them in the previous comment page.

Currently if your version differs from the latest ones in the Ubuntu repos, you have to rename that folder... I should probably make a better script for the Extras that takes firefox versioning into consideration, though... but it probably won't be useful for distributions that don't have "sudo" configured as the script requires it. - Jun 18 2009
Please read Issue 74:

In short, this intentional to give a sense of urgency for immediate saving, and to differentiate from the very similar "save-as" icon. It also adds a bit of color variety, rather than having all icons be the same color. - Jun 17 2009
I just installed gtkpod (from Ubuntu Jaunty repos), but they are already using theme icons all across. The only icon that seems to stick out is the "add folder" one. It doesn't seem necessary to add a gtkpod theme for just one toolbar icon. - Jun 16 2009
Complete Mozilla (Firefox + Thunderbird) Tango icon theming: - Jun 16 2009
Touchpad icons are now back in the newest version!

It'd be helpful if you let me know of any other touchpad application that could use these icons, if you ever come across it. That way I could add more links and we have better touchpad app theming! - Jun 16 2009
Midori icons are now back in the newest uploaded version. - Jun 16 2009
The new nautilus-actions icons are done and now available. - Jun 16 2009
I just checked their website, and their latest .tar.bz2 doesn't have all sizes... Weird that my installed copy does.

Well, I've added back the icons so they will be there with next update. - Jun 16 2009
I'll give it a try, although I think there's arlready a gtkpod Tango theme here in gnome-look. - Jun 16 2009
The version I have installed already provides the icon up to scalable sizes, so it was redundant. However, if older versions don't, then I'll add back the Midori icons. - Jun 16 2009
I've already explained it above, but in short, it's bad to use custom mozilla icons for their applications in the main set. The icons are available in the extras package for personal use, though. - Jun 16 2009
nvidia-settings and ubuntu-tweak didn't actually use the old icons, but theirs.

The only reason any icon gets removed is because their applications hardcode theirs (and therefore including them is redundant and creates inconsistencies) or because the newer version of these applications already include or have better, more complete versions of their icons. This happens when developers don't put their icons in /usr/share/icons/hicolor or they're intentionally hardcoded.

As for nautilus-actions, they will be included in next version - they just had to be removed temporarily since there are new file manager icons, so the old ones would create inconsistency. They'll be added back once I create new ones based on the new file manager icon design. In the meantime, nautilus-actions has their own tango icons, so this shouldn't cause any blurry icons until then. - Jun 15 2009
Thanks for your feedback either way, sometimes things need to be discussed further than in changelog format :P

All in all, I'm just trying to keep the main icon sets clean so that they can continue being free and don't inconvenience anyone else.

If more people want the tango-esque icons back, then I'll add them to the extras package for personal use. However, for now, I think the new official branding in extras is so well designed, that even if it's a little different from Tango style, it still fits nicely in a gnome-colors desktop. - Jun 15 2009
Also, Firefox is probably the most universal application in a linux distribution. It might be best to leave it as close to default as possible, so that anyone who switches from another OS will quickly find firefox painlessly. - Jun 15 2009
Don't worry, your concerns are valid, so I won't misinterpret them.

I already fixed the Evince issue upstream, so that will be done by the time I do the next update.

As for Thunderbird, I'll see if I can add back the Thunderbird ones to Extras. Since "extras" is for personal use only it should be ok to add those custom icons - and if someone doesn't wish to install extras, their icons will just revert to default and they won't notice any inconsistency, which is the ideal case.

In Firefox's case, it's a bit trickier. The new icons are so beautiful it's a shame to replace it with anything else, tango or otherwise. While the style is not necessarily the same, it is included in the right sizes and it's not glossy enough to be distracting or stand out from the rest. - Jun 15 2009
Ok, I added them back. Sorry for any inconvenience, I just hadn't seen the icon used by any app, and I think the version of gsynaptics in the newest OpenSuse already has proper icons.

If you can't wait till the next release, you can get them here and just paste them over a gnome-* folder: - Jun 15 2009
Also, from looking at the stats - most people do not install the extras. Since the extras have always been needed for Firefox consistency, now without the tango firefox icons, even people who do not install the extras will have a consistent icon for the application under every circumstance. - Jun 15 2009
Mmmm As for evince, perhaps you're right. I'll test around and see how it looks best, although being a pdf reader, a pdf icon does suit it.

As for Firefox/Thunderbird, pretty much every source I've read says that modifying the mozilla logos, putting custom icons for their applications, etc is either violating their trademark or strongly discouraged.

Since it's best to avoid any trouble, and I don't want to mess with the brand recognition that their original icons bring, I hope you can understand why the change was made.

I can do this in "Extras", though, since that package is at-your-own-risk and isn't limited to the same things as the actual icon set. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the extras do include Firefox icons - the beautiful new ones from v3.5. Currently the extras will only theme Firefox 3.0.11, you may need to change the folder name for an older version of Firefox. - Jun 15 2009
Just right click any folder, click properties, and select any emblem of your liking in the "Emblems" tab. GNOME-Colors has tons of emblems for you to decorate any folder with. - Jun 13 2009
Thanks! Although I wouldn't really say anything bad about the ubuntu artwork team, most of my work has always somehow been inspired by theirs. They have to deal with a very large audience, so it's understandable to have a much more conservative point of view regarding artwork. - Jun 12 2009
I removed it, as there wasn't any application to my knowledge that actually used that icon, so it was redundant...

Is there any program you use that inherits that icon? The only one I've come across was in the latest OpenSuse, but they already shipped better ones for it, so it wasn't needed. - Jun 12 2009
Thanks, glad you like them!

Although the main goals are giving freedom to choose your favorite colors and expanding gnome-icon-theme, it should be just a little bit more aesthetically pleasing than Tango (at least until the next-gen Mango is released). - Jun 09 2009
I try not to make any QT/KDE icons if I possible. After KDE4, most of them already got beautiful new oxygen-based icons, so it's a shame to override them.

As for World of Goo, I have that game and they already include icons for pretty much every size... but I'll look into the other ones. - Jun 08 2009

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Aug 03 2009
Shiki-Dust doesn't have an XFWM yet!
I'm working on one for next release, though.. so sorry to XFCE users, this will be soon addressed. - Jun 20 2009
I think it's already up on the PPA!

Ah, for anyone else experiencing any bugs.. let me know, as the dust stuff is brand new so I might have overlooked something. - Jun 20 2009
Thanks, enjoy! - Jun 20 2009
Thanks, glad you like it! - Jun 20 2009
Sure, but I'm not in charge of the PPA packages, the gnome-colors packagers are. Just report that bug or send a message to the mailing list in, and I'm sure they'll find a way to fix the dependencies.

I think the best way would be to install with the themes regardless of metacity being installed, but I'm not really experienced with packaging, so I think the gnome-colors packagers would find a better solution. - Jun 16 2009
There's no way to make light menus in the current setup without breaking Firefox 3.

You can only have either light menubar and light menus, or dark menubar and dark menus. If you want the former, clearlooks-colors or murrine-colors is already there for that. - Jun 11 2009
It's the Rhythmbox Desktop Art plugin. It works as an extension to Rhythmbox, so it doesn't add any extra requirements and it's beautiful once you set it up as you please!

Homepage: - Jun 09 2009
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

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Aug 03 2009
Here is the source file for the wallpapers:

Because GNOME can't render blur properly, it'll only show up correctly under Inkscape. You can export it as a .PNG file from there.

As for the background, in the screenshot you linked to - it feels as if the panel is part of the wallpaper, and the color is too close to the metacity - so it wouldn't be too intuitive if you were to go and grab the titlebar. Then again, I have pretty poor vision - but still, it's better to make make panels and window borders contrast with the background instead of blending in. - Jun 16 2009
Changes are now in latest version. Can you confirm if the issue is fixed? - Jun 16 2009
I personally don't think a #3C background will look good with Shiki, though... Since panels and window borders are that color, they could blend in with the wallpaper and potentially the window shadows as well. That's perhaps the reason I'm mostly against a #3C background color. I don't remember if the packages include the .SVG for the wallpapers, but I could upload it if you wish to make your own variation.

I do agree that the backgrounds themselves are a bit too bright, though... Hopefully for a future version 2.0 I will redesign the backgrounds with grunge-ish colors (Think of Fedora artwork).

After all's said and done, I think GDM should allow you to use your current wallpaper as a background... This would make most people happy and enhance consistency from login to desktop. - Jun 16 2009
I don't want to add any more weight to the package unless there's a grayscale version of Shiki-Colors to match it.

However, you can do it in less than a minute!

1. Extract the theme package
2. Select bg.png and text.png
3. Right click > Open with > GIMP
4. Click Colors > Desaturate > OK in both files and save.
5. ??????
- Jun 16 2009
Already made the changes upstream. It'll be fixed when next release is uploaded. - Jun 15 2009
Thank you for the input!

It's always hard to adjust for all different locales on my own, so I appreciate your bug report/fix. - Jun 15 2009
All of my artwork simply requires clicking on the "download" link, and then dragging and dropping the file into Appearance Preferences for themes/icons or Login Window Manager for login screens.

All the thorough instructions are recommended, but not necessary.

Perhaps you should voice all these concerns in a group or by contacting the maintainers, not in an unrelated artwork page. - Jun 12 2009
It's always the first download, the one that mentions filesize in MB. - Jun 12 2009
All you really have to do is click on the "primary" download link, and you will get a .tar.gz file(think of it being like a .zip) with the content you want inside it.

Do not use firefox to open it, simply go to your desktop or wherever you downloaded it and extract the .tar.gz file, and read the instructions in either a README file or the description section of any artwork in gnome-look.

If you want a step-by-step guide for any *-colors artwork, you can go here: - Jun 11 2009

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by jonian

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Jul 08 2009
elementary Icons

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Jul 08 2009
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Jun 10 2009