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Sep 25 2009
Read page 25!
I already went over why they're missing and how to get them, but I guess after so many comments, that reply gets a bit buried in there :P - Jun 08 2009
If it scales properly in non-docky mode, then it's even more mysterious... How about, as a test, removing all the smaller software-properties icons and leaving only the scalable version? Perhaps Docky is falling back to the .png's for some reason? - Jun 04 2009
I'm not sure how this could be fixed, or if it's even a gnome-colors issue...

All the icons in the set are available at all sizes (16px up to scalable .svg's)...

If the custom icon (a globe and a CD in this case), appears instead of the default icon, then by all means it should render perfectly all the way to 256x256px. If it doesn't, then perhaps you may need to re-install the icon set by removing it first, or there is something else going on at gnome-do's or the application itself's end. - Jun 04 2009
Perhaps Ubuntu's Inkscape has some unknown bug that causes this... Although my workaround seemed to fix things for me without needing to go that far :P - Jun 03 2009
Did you try copying it as a new file in inkscape? I just did so with the untouched icon from gnome-icon-theme and grayscale works perfectly on the new document.

Simply click new > icon_48x48, select the entire icon (CTRL A) and copy/paste it in the new document, and input the same x and y coordinates. - Jun 03 2009
First of all, that icon is directly from gnome-icon-theme, so it shouldn't really have any issues. It also works perfectly here.

Could it be that you are working with "stock_new-window" which is merely a symbolic link and not the real file, instead of working with window-new.svg?

If you have any further problems with the icon, perhaps you can try copypasting it to a new file, or simply using the same icon from gnome-icon-theme. - Jun 03 2009
I've been using:
find * -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;
find * -type f -exec chmod -x {} \;

Since many versions ago. You shouldn't really have this issue unless you're working with a gnome-colors package older than 3.3/3.4. - Jun 02 2009
Hey, this was asked a few pages back.. I'll just paste it back here so you or anyone else can see:

The devices in the '/devices/extras' folder were all removed. The reasons being:

-A few of them had conflicting licenses.
-None of them were recolored for each set.
-The download saves about 3-4MB of size by not including them.

That said, you can still get them from their original (and more complete) source!

They're from the "gnome-icon-theme-extras" package. You can browse the git online here:

Or you can checkout all the icons yourself with this command:
git clone git:// - Jun 01 2009
lmao, yes. I was a bit stubborn on that one, but I finally changed it and the result is not bad at all. - May 31 2009
I'll look into the other apps, but as for screenlets, same as picard... The icons are there, they just won't be used without those extra steps, or unless the application itself stops hardcoding their icons.

Usb-Creator was removed as the icon I was using was rather ugly and confusing in the small sizes. I'll add a new one whenever I have time to make it.

- May 31 2009
This is a known bug with gnome's main menu. Sometimes, for a few apps, a few extra steps are required for the icon to show up correctly. You can read up on this with this similar bug:

Besides that, Picard also hardcodes their icons in such a manner, that no matter how many of their icons I've physically replaced, the titlebar icon remains the same :O - May 31 2009
I'll see what I can do then. gnome-icon-theme now has an eraser icon for delete, maybe I'll just use that icon once it's been polished up, or modify the cancel icon like StrangeQuark mentioned. - May 31 2009
I love the buuf look, but I think gradients are more consistent with this set's look. - May 28 2009
I guess it's personal preference, I don't really think they look alike at all - other than using the same color.

However, I'm still debating wether it's worth it changing the "remove" icon into a minus sign, so it might change in the future... - May 28 2009
Glad you like it, it's mostly just the default gnome one with a bit more detail and contrast.. But it does look much nicer after those little changes. - May 26 2009
This is a free project consisting of GPL (for all gnome and gnome-colors icons) and public domain (for tango/tango-based icons) licenses so don't worry, go ahead! - May 25 2009
The devices in the '/devices/extras' folder were all removed. The reasons being:

-A few of them had conflicting licenses.
-None of them were recolored for each set.
-The download saves about 3-4MB of size by not including them.

That said, you can still get them from their original (and more complete) source!

They're from the "gnome-icon-theme-extras" package. You can browse the git online here:

Or you can checkout all the icons yourself with this command:
git clone git:// - May 24 2009
New phone and music player icons are added. Not much else, but those changes deserved a minor release. - May 24 2009
As for version 4, it'll be just the current 3.8 with restyled folders to better fit the new desktop/device icons. Don't expect anything too crazy, just the same usual consistency refreshes the theme's been getting recently :P - May 23 2009
No problem, I was thinking the same. The current icon could do with a refresh. - May 23 2009
If I do get the chance to go through all that again, I'd do a color-agnostic aluminium set.

Or perhaps just make it a different project and base it on the more photo-realistic Mango iconset (the tango sequel). Developing just one color neutral icon set is tons easier than 5 at the same time! - May 23 2009
You can probably just choose the icons you want recolored (use a script to remove syslinks for easier browsing), and finally run a script to change saturation or make the icons grayscale.

For the scalable icons, you can run a quick inkscape script to export them as 256x256 .png's so you can do the same to them. - May 23 2009
I've thought about this much - but it's highly unlikely. The amount of work that goes into creating a single new color variation is outstanding - and the work to maintain it is even more so, as I do every single icon recoloring manually - with inkscape. Perhaps if the idea would have come up before making the purple version, I would have done that instead.

That said - a gray version might have a pretty good chance of being easily created with scripts (by simply modifying saturation), but perhaps it would only be a fun, unofficial extra - since the overall quality and polish wouldn't match up with the other manually recolored sets. - May 23 2009
The repo is not maintained by me directly, but by the gnome-colors packagers.

They are really good at what they do, but I think the past few releases simply have come out way too fast for anyone to keep up (They've been almost daily for this entire week) and in many cases the file structure and content has been changed dramatically, so it might take a while. Besides, when it comes to apt repos, weekly/monthly updates seem to make more sense than getting an update popup every other day :P - May 23 2009
No problem, enjoy! - May 23 2009
I'm also a big fan of the current folders, but they need a little bit of restyling - most of the new icons have a bit of an 'aluminium' touch, so the folders need to match that somehow.

I'm trying out many subtle gradient changes, but it'll take a while before I can settle on anything... folders are the most important part of an icon theme, so I'll try to take as much time as possible to get it right, even more so than when the current ones were designed. - May 23 2009
So, for next update I'm trying to improve the folders for better consistency with new Desktop icons I've already created and some other new icons I have planned.

Is there anyone here who'd like to comment on which of these two folder styles (top and bottom, or the current ones) is the best looking? - May 21 2009
I doubt that would ever happen. Ubuntu has a different style and spirit than Tango, GNOME and gnome-colors by association. They are probably better suited to getting an in-house, professional and photo-realistic icon set. Besides, gnome-colors covers a huge selection of applications - major distributions would be better suited using as few icons as possible, in order to fit more stuff in their live-cd's and respect whatever icons developers supply with their applications.

Other than that, gnome-colors is a love it or hate it type of set. While there are many who like it, there are also many who feel tango-style is too cartoonish and would rather have something more like oxygen or crashbit.

As for the PPA, I have little control over the frequency of updates. Experienced Ubuntu packagers are in charge of it, so I want to respect whatever timeframe or packages they believe are best at the time. - May 21 2009
Thanks for the compliments!

The 3.6 release has fulfilled 99% of the project's goals, so anyone who enjoys this theme should definitely try it out.

-Each icon set is now only 4.5 MB packed and 16 MB unpacked, with tons of performance and organizational enhancements that make this the fastest and most bug-free gnome-colors release for any system!

-Licensing issues have all been cleared up, and new icons made for any conflicting cases. This means we're now freer than ever.

-All the outdated or inconsistent icons have been recreated to ensure the best system-wide consistency with gnome-icon-theme.

All that's left is to make new drive/device icons for a much later 4.0 milestone and we'll be complete. - May 20 2009
Can you tell me where the Thunderbird folder is kept in Arch Linux? It should be as easy as creating a folder for it in extras. In Ubuntu, all versions of Thunderbird seem to use "/usr/share/thunderbird", so it seems to theme it properly here. - May 19 2009
Wow, that does look pretty nice. I was always put off a little by it's default interface, but now I might just look into creating themes for it in "extras-gnome-colors". - May 16 2009
The new icons are based on the one-canvas branch in gnome-icon-theme.

I think this branch is meant to look like the future Mango iconset, so I'll try to backport new good looking whenever I get the chance. - May 16 2009
GDM Color flowers

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Jun 08 2009
Nice, although there are a few things you could improve, to make it perfect:

-Perhaps crop the black borders and leave only a bottom transparent border, much like the current human theme.

-Make a widescreen version, so it doesn't look stretched in 16:10/16:9 displays.

-Add the Ubuntu logo/text as a transparent .png file, set to a fixed position. This would ensure it doesn't get stretched with the wallpaper, and people could easily replace the file with another distro's logo.

Other than that, the backgrounds are really nice. - Jun 08 2009

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Aug 03 2009
Note to self: Hide the /a/ folder next time I make a preview screenshot. - Jun 05 2009
sorry, it's /usr/share/icons for icons, and /usr/share/themes for GTK themes. - Jun 01 2009
That happens when you install any theme or icon set from "Appearance Preferences" instead of extracting the tarballs to /usr/share/icons

What is happening, is that synaptic runs as administrator - and if you simply install themes per user, the administrator won't be able to use them.

There are some ways around it:
-Do as it says above in the theme description: In Ubuntu, for themes (installed through appearance preferences) to be able to theme applications in admin mode, you must type in a terminal:
sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root && sudo ln -s ~/.icons /root

-Install them with appearance preferences running as administrator.

-Or simply extract them as administrator to /usr/share/icons (recommended).

Either of these three methods will work. - Jun 01 2009
I didn't mean to say it was irrelevant, only that without having to worry about matching with the menubar - just about any metacity out there should look just fine in the case you don't happen to like the included ones when using globalmenu.

I mentioned Clearlooks because I personally like it as it is simple, square and colorful. However, other metacities such as the ever popular "Blended" are already created and work well with Shiki once there's no menubar to worry about. - May 26 2009

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Sep 01 2009
That would be nice, although they will probably opt for just Breathe, as to save space in the livecd for other stuff. Having gnome-colors/elementary/erectus in universe repos would probably be good enough for most people who just want things to simply work.

Is the SVG bug you mentioned the one where GNOME cannot render "blur" at all? If so, I find that extremely annoying and limiting to artists... a link to the bug report would be nice! - May 30 2009
And the Tango/Tango based icons (not sure about Tangerine) are public domain now, so those shouldn't be an issue. - May 30 2009
I'm not really sure. The ones that helped me get through all the licensing woes were Benjamin Drung and Andrew Starr-Bochicchio. From a quick wikipedia search, this is what I found:

* CC-by-nc-sa, which requires non-commercial use only is share-alike but is not free content, and thus cannot be considered a Copyleft license.

I may be wrong, though, but from my understanding - Debian is accepting GPL and CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Perhaps you should make an entry in Ubuntu's artwork wiki, if the artwork team likes it, they'll find a way to get it in somehow. I like Breathe, but Erectus feels much more Human, is more consistent with current GNOME, and feels more "complete"... So I'd love to see them in Appearance Preferences by default if it were up to me. - May 30 2009
Thanks for the compliments on the devices, although all the credit should go to Lapo Calamandrei, whose work in the new gnome-icon-theme is the base for all the new icons.

As for the emblems, I'd love to use them, but gnome-colors is being submitted to Debian and apparently they accept cc-by-sa but not cc-by-nc. That's pretty much the reason I had to remove your beautiful printer icons from the set and add new ones :O - May 30 2009
Just two quick things I forgot:

-There are no links for audio-x-generic and package-x-generic in mimetypes, perhaps you can just copy them over from gnome-icon-theme.

-You can greatly reduce the filesize of Ubuntu's notification-* icons from 5.4 MB to 685 KB by simply saving them in a new inkscape file, or using the ones in latest gnome-colors that already have these optimizations. - May 30 2009
Fantastic release! All the new icons look really smooth and "Human". I particularly fell in love with the emblems.

You might want to check for broken links, though. Some of them are hard links, and they look for the file in your desktop (/home/jonieno/Desktop/Έγγραφα/) rather than the current folder. You can probably fix this by creating links like this:

ln -s app.svg link_to_app.svg - May 30 2009
Breathe Icon Theme

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Oct 05 2009
I think it's not that the icons don't scale well - they were drawn very well, it's just the lack of thick outlines like gnome or tango make them seem a tad blurry in sizes smaller than 48px. I imagine this is a creative decision (as I read it on the wiki), rather than a bug.

Other than that, great effort! I want to see what this set evolves into. - May 30 2009

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Oct 17 2013
The new pidgin/rhythmbox work is awesome! - May 24 2009
A GTK interface would be great! You can try Zenity, as it is very easy, even for beginners. As long as you understand bash scripting a little bit, it can be done. Some helpful links:

As for packaging, I'm at a loss too. It is easy to create a .deb file just to instal a folder, but I guess for conky-colors you would need to add dependencies, auto-start options, menu-items, setup wizard and so on... It seems pretty complicated, but it should be simple for an experienced packager that volunteered to help. - May 20 2009
Is there any plans for a single installable .deb/.rpm package?

Ever since I upgraded to Jaunty I lost my conky-colors setup, and I've been way too lazy to go through that again... I know you've gone through great lengths to make it easier than it used to be, but it would be nice if a single package took care of handling all the dependencies, making it auto-start, or have a little dialog to select the color/language.

Feel free to completely disregard me if it's too much work (it sounds like it would be) :P, but for regular users who don't know much about conky, something like that would certainly improve user adoption and reduce headaches! - May 19 2009
Simple-Solid GnoMenu Theme

GnoMenu Skins 9 comments

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May 20 2009
> minimalistic
> no transparencies
> no fancy gloss

Awesome! The main reason I don't stick with GnoMenu is because the themes I've seen are all way too glossy or transparent. This one is just perfect for my taste. - May 19 2009
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

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Aug 03 2009
Also, if anyone can test other languages it would be helpful. I don't know wether the current setup can accomodate the words "user" and "password" if they are much larger in other languages. In that case, the password input box should be made smaller and moved a bit to the right. - May 16 2009
I thought so as well, but there was simply no space.

If I make the userlist box any smaller, it would accomodate much less users without scrolling (Right now it should do 3 users with pictures or 6 users without pictures).

Also, I can't really make the main box any larger to accomodate that change, since then users with small netbook displays would be left with a box that completely fits or is larger than their screen. - May 16 2009

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by jonian

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Jul 08 2009
elementary Icons

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by DanRabbit

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Jul 08 2009
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Jun 10 2009