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Aug 03 2009
You could have used the Clearlooks metacity. If you use a program to hide the menubar, then the Shiki Metacity isn't really required anymore. - May 16 2009
When it comes to aesthetics, it's never possible to please everyone - so the best you can do is make a modular theme with a consistent default setup, and give as many options and instructions as possible! - May 15 2009
I don't think the userChrome file is included in the installable packages, because no package should install a file in another application's folder :P

It is, however, highly recommended and included in the tarball or in for easier installation/updating.

For anyone that does choose to install the userstyle or use the userChrome file, I can promise that it won't conflict or break any other GTK theme - such as human, clearlooks, etc.. It might even fix the same issues in others such as dust/newwave. - May 15 2009
yes, sufjan is the best! - May 14 2009
It is Sans, I love Sans. :)
I just put it at 8px size and enable the "Subpixel Smoothing (LCD's)" checkmark in appearance preferences.

I also use an autohint tweak that looks great with Sans (in my opinion), but do not try it if you don't know how to revert the changes in case you do not like it:

sudo ln -sf /etc/fonts/conf.avail/10-autohint.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/ - May 09 2009
I think the bold text issue you're experiencing in globalmenu would be intended behavior. Shiki is designed to make menubar applications bold for easier readability and consistency with the titlebar. You can remove this by editing the gtkrc file and deleting the section at the beginning of the file associated with bold panel menus.

As for the window border stripe, it's always been meant to be a separate element, to imitate the look of tab stripes in the clearlooks version. I've already tried it as a blended item, but the dark background and theme colors don't really make for a smooth gradient. There is, however, always room for improvement... Someday I'll come across the perfect way to theme the stripe.

As for the PPA, it is pretty large as it supports three ubuntu versions... and just the icon packages are about 30MB for each. I wouldn't worry about size, though. GNOME-Colors should be just as fast as gnome-icon-theme, and no matter how large it ever gets, it will never lose any speed since pre-rendered pixmaps are provided for every single icon in 32px, 24px, 22px, 16px, and scalable icons for 48px and up. - May 09 2009
Yeah, I backported all of the code from the new ones, so it should be an improvement over the original. - Apr 29 2009
I thought setting a more traditional, compact and functional design (since it's easier to resize thanks to its bottom shadow) as default would be the sensible thing to do for general users.

However, don't worry, as the striped version will always be an option. The stripe has been part of the theme since day one, and its code is based on the new version, so it will always feature any improvements made in the other window borders.

Besides, there may be people who miss the stripe or dislike the bottom shadow in the default window borders, so including the striped theme as an alternative is a good way of keeping the angry mobs away! - Apr 28 2009
Thanks for the input. I'm sure someone who wants to use X forwarded apps and a third party theme like Shiki, will find this information helpful. - Apr 20 2009
It's recommended to always install themes and icons to /usr/share/themes and /usr/share/icons Not only for X forwarded apps, but also to theme root apps properly. It's not really a theme issue, since this would happen with any one theme you install in ~/.themes or ~/.icons.

I know the following workarounds help with admin apps if you've installed with the appearance manager or to ~/.themes, perhaps this will help with X forwarded apps?

sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root
sudo ln -s ~/.icons /root

As for the noble version not showing up correctly, I just checked the packages and they seem to work correctly. Try redownloading/reinstalling the file, or using the unofficial PPA (for Ubuntu), which will install everything to /usr/share/themes and /usr/share/icons accordingly. - Apr 20 2009
No problem!

Clearlooks is part of GNOME itself, so if you want the very latest version, you'll have to use unstable GNOME releases, or backport the gtk2-engines package. - Apr 19 2009
On an unrelated note, the Murrine version is not glassy. Its gradients look almost exactly like the Clearlooks version, only it's a bit more subtle and the tabs/scrollbars are different.

The preview screenshots are actually of the murrine version. - Apr 19 2009
I think it's possible that you do have the wrong version of Clearlooks installed.

What distro are you using? In order for the clearlooks version to work for you, you need the equivalent of Ubuntu Hardy/GNOME 2.22 or higher.

Also, you shouldn't need to install Clearlooks yourself, as clearlooks is a part of the "gtk2-engines" package, which is included by default in most GNOME distributions. The latest version of this package is 2.18.1, and Shiki works perfectly with it. - Apr 19 2009
You can open up the gtkrc file for any Shiki variation, and the "Toolbar" section should have instructions for enabling gradient toolbars. - Apr 17 2009
Murrine is lighter than Clearlooks, although this might only be evident in older machines... There was a little bit of a difference in my old Pentium 4 box's gtkperf scores, but in my new Phenom box, it's essentially the same.

The most important factor in performance is roundness... Shiki has a 2 radius roundness for most parts and 0 roundness for some areas, so it's quicker than most themes who use 3 or higher for everything. However, you can also change all roundness to 0 and have a slightly faster squared theme.

About the toolbars - I'm not sure if subtler gradients might help.. there usually is a separator between toolbars, and the gradients reset themselves. I would apply gradients if there was a way to make all toolbars unified like they currently are, but with added gradients. - Apr 15 2009
I guess something like a semi-unified metacity would be nice to have, but as an optional file (like the striped and easy one). Although I'm thinking something like oxygen's 3/4's of the width separator would look better. - Apr 15 2009
I also like gradient toolbars (hence why I left the options for it), but for Shiki, I've always felt that flat toolbars fit the theme better. - Apr 13 2009
I tried a stripe, but it just didn't look right with the new design. I'm thinking in the future I'll try to add some sort of fancy glow, but for now this is fine.

There are minor highlight changes when a window is active, but if it doesn't seem like enough - you can always add a bit of unified transparency to inactive windows borders. - Apr 11 2009
I don't hava a PPA, most likely you're using an unofficial one. If so, it's up to the PPA's owner to update the packages.

The best way to get it all for now is to go here for downloads:

You can also click the "Wiki" tab for any info or tips regarding installation.

There is a GNOME-Colors packaging group on launchpad, so in the future I imagine getting installable .deb packages will be much easier. - Apr 11 2009
Thanks, I saw the post on digg about gnome 3.0 and checked out the video a bit earlier. - Apr 11 2009
If you meant the colored active lines, then they were removed in this release from the metacity. If anyone wants them back, the old metacity with the stripe is also in the package.

As for the lines on the tabs, that depends on which version you use.. The murrine version has plain tabs, and the clearlooks version has the stripes on its tabs. - Apr 11 2009
Which contrasting lines do you mean? - Apr 11 2009
Please try the latest version. The metacity has been redesigned and it should look a bit better in those situations now. - Apr 11 2009
No, it just means that it will be uploaded for Debian repos, and when Karmic syncs with them, the packages will also be available there. - Apr 03 2009
For anyone who's wondering, the script has been discontinued and it shouldn't be used any more.

The reasons are:
- I moved all the downloads to the google code page for more flexibility and bandwidth.

- An official group of packagers has been created, and soon there will be debian installable packages. Hopefully, these packages will also be synced for Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala).

Until then, you can download and install the separate files either from the project's google code website, or from each artwork's gnome-look page. Sorry for the inconvenience. - Apr 02 2009
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

GDM Themes 123 comments

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Aug 03 2009
Face browser/UserList version is now available! - May 15 2009
That's just an example to show you can use any of your personal wallpapers with the GDM's by replacing the bg.png file.

You can get that wallpaper here: - May 02 2009
I just uploaded a new version. The clock should now work correctly, but please try it out just in case. - Apr 22 2009
You're right. The issue happened with other third party themes I tested, but I didn't test Ubuntu's default ones. It seems they use a special ID tag for the clock, so I'll add that and update the themes with the proper fix later.

Thanks for reporting this issue! - Apr 22 2009
I think it's a GDM issue. I just tested every other theme with a clock I could find, and the minute didn't change with them either.

Perhaps it's only possible to post the time at login, but not update it. - Apr 22 2009
Well, it's not a pure black border. The borders and gradients' colors are all designed to look the same as the Shiki-Colors' metacities, which these GDM's are meant to complement.

Any changes as drastical as the ones you recommend would be better suited for another GDM theme. - Apr 16 2009
What specific part of the main window do you think could be improved? In what sense? - Apr 15 2009

Full Icon Themes 824 comments

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Sep 25 2009
I assume you're talking about Shiki-Colors and not the GNOME-Colors icons.

Do you know if the applet issues you're experiencing are only with Shiki, or do they also happen with themes that use custom panels such as Dust and New Wave? If I have a bit more info, I can start looking for a way to fix those specific applets you mentioned. - May 15 2009
No problem :). Thanks for letting me know about the "Examples" folder, it should be fixed now. - May 09 2009
Well, as for that, there is no such thing... That's why I recommended earlier "GNOME-MPlayer" if you wanted an MPlayer frontend that would integrate better with GNOME. - May 06 2009
You're right, in Jaunty QT4 applications do look more at home. Right now the only differences are mostly in the layout of the applications itself and the fact that sometimes non-gnome/tango icons are used in the interface. - May 05 2009
The SMplayer icons are in the icon themes themselves, it's just an icon named smplayer.png in each /gnome-*/size/apps/ directory. - May 05 2009
On an unrelated note, I've found GNOME-MPlayer to be a great MPlayer frontend for the GNOME desktop environment. You can try it out if you wish to have more consistency than using a QT4 MPlayer frontend such as SMPlayer. - May 04 2009
SMPlayer icons were included since many versions ago by request. However, it is not a GTK application, so it may choose to use it's own hardcoded icons or otherwise. - May 04 2009
It's the default Ubuntu font, "Sans" at 8px. You can get the exact same results by setting the font size to 8px and enabling "Subpixel smoothing (LCD's)" if it isn't already checked. - May 02 2009
Well, if you check out the /devices/extras folders you'll notice dozens of icons more for extra devices.

As for the standard device icons, I try to keep it consistent with the GNOME/Tango standards. Perhaps there can be improvements here and there, but I wouldn't expect any radical changes from what is already available. - May 02 2009
It's necessary and is the norm for pretty much every linux icon set.

If I didn't use link files, the package would weigh 20 times more, you would have to edit a file 20 times instead of just once to make a simple change, your computer would have to cache 20 times the amount of icons, even though almost all of them are redundant... etc.

The real question is why would anyone not include links? :P - Apr 29 2009
Nevermind, found it. I see it on those icons at 22/24px sizes. The paper is about one pixel to the left. - Apr 29 2009
In which sizes do you mean? I tried looking from scalable to 16px, but they look at just about the same position as other similar mimetypes (like readme, python, etc). - Apr 29 2009
It's not a bug, I think it looks best as blue to have a little color variety.

Besides, since it shares the same icon as "reboot", it's best to leave both colors the same as to improve consistency. - Apr 22 2009
Thanks! - Apr 21 2009

BTW, I decided to hold on the minus icon for now. I made one, but it looked too plain, and the shadows didn't match the plus icon in larger sizes... The current remove icon just looks better.

I also think the current icon doesn't look too out of place in the applet, since it can lower the volume and is next to "Mute", which indicates a lack of sound. - Apr 21 2009
Having only one file is the most efficient and fastest way for me to keep track of things, update more often, and keep hosting older revisions of the icon themes (Besides, I have terrible upstream bandwidth and having to upload 5 more files in addition to the complete pack will not help).

That said, there are unofficial Ubuntu PPA's with fairly recent versions of gnome-colors. Some of them separate files by color, so if you just want that one pack quickly, you might want to use those download links instead of mine. - Apr 15 2009

System Sounds 104 comments

by Puli
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Apr 29 2017
I'm using it with Jaunty, and I notice the same amount of sounds as Ubuntu's default ones work correctly.

Login/Logout, Information or question, warning and error sounds all play correctly and sound different from Ubuntu's when I click the play/preview button.

I don't know if this is related to the bug you mentioned, but the sound scheme works well for me, good job! - Apr 19 2009
I love this sound scheme. Ubuntu's default one is too tribal and loud, so it scares me to hell whenever I'm not expecting it.

These sounds, however, are very soothing and calming. good job! - Apr 18 2009

Full Icon Themes
by jonian

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Jul 08 2009
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes
by DanRabbit

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Jul 08 2009
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Jun 10 2009