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Aug 03 2009
It's just as cyberpunk said. If you want RGBA, it should be as easy as changing the line that says "RGBA = FALSE" into "RGBA = TRUE", but it doesn't really do much since that depends on the applications themselves to support it and not any one theme. - Apr 01 2009
The Dust metacity has the same issues, although perhaps it's less noticeable because the titlebar is much, much smaller.

With Shiki, I can't make the titlebars any smaller than they currently are, because the design and highlight outline take up space. Perhaps in a future metacity redesign I can address these issues, but until then - messing with the gradients won't give any change as long as the menubar and metacity are unified. - Mar 30 2009
I think I know what you mean. It's not a bug, it just means that the theme now themes volume control's tabs properly (before it didn't) by using Clearlooks's newest code.

That the sliders have the wrong background should be a bug in Volume Control itself, since the same happens with GNOME 2.26's Clearlooks theme. Only it's less noticeable there, because that theme's tab background is closer to the regular background. - Mar 28 2009
Yes, I understand what you mean. However, like I said, this is a general issue for all themes that have a unified menubar. If it were possible to set a different metacity for windows without menubars or toolbars I would do so.

Any change to the metacity would make it not blend with the menubar, so you'd have to make the menubar grey and that'd be a different theme altogether. - Mar 26 2009
I guess it's more about personal preference. I took a screenshot with and without menubar, and the version without menubar - while not as nice as the other one, doesn't look any different from a normal theme with dark window borders. - Mar 26 2009
Non-GTK apps such as firefox will have an issue or two, specially with dark elements. The best you can do with firefox is install the Shiki-Colors userstyle to fix a few bugs, but it's always recommended to leave the menu bar as it is by default.

As for native apps which don't have menubars, there shouldn't be a problem. However, if you do feel the metacity doesn't blend in too well with these, you can always edit it and add a bit more height to it.

It's just the general drawback about using themes that unify the menubar and metacity. If you plan to hide the menubar in all your applications anyway, then it's better to use a better suited metacity or a theme without unified menubars/window borders. - Mar 26 2009
Alright, seems that focus is finally fixed in the latest revision of the Murrine engine. It looks beautiful now. - Mar 26 2009
I do agree. I think that simply squaring the outline would certainly be sufficient, but then again, I don't have the final say on the matter. - Mar 21 2009
beautiful focus* - Mar 20 2009
I think it's because he wants mockups. I've commented on the murrine page and the feature request page, but it always comes down to lack of mockups.

If you have a good idea/design for focus rings, please submit them to his mockup page and if he likes it, then perhaps murrine can have beautiful mockups too! - Mar 20 2009
That's actually how it's supposed to look.

Murrina crystal simply, has always had focus selection disabled. I would disable the focus line, but then people who use older murrine versions won't have focus - and disabling the focus lines also creates some bugs, mostly with icon alignment in buttons and widgets (things look 1px off). - Mar 20 2009
The focus is drawn by the engine, there's no need for a fix in the theme itself... I've had the new focus rings for a few weeks now. - Mar 20 2009
You can get the same result by deleting the settings from the menubar section. However, due to the dark menu/menu-items, firefox might act up. The easiest way to accomplish what you want would be to grab clearlooks-colors and enable dark panels in the panelrc file. Then again, the Shiki metacity is not really designed for themes with light menubars, so a new metacity would be needed if you want the best possible result.

In other words, you probably want to download the "Blended" metacity and use clearlooks-colors/murrine-colors with dark panels, as fitting Shiki-colors for this setup would be quite tricky. - Mar 18 2009
I'm working on a new Usplash theme for GNOME-Colors. I know this is a bit unrelated, but I want a little user input before I spend a million hours coding it (because usplash is hell).

Thoughts? - Mar 16 2009
I don't think I have any older packages around. Perhaps if you browse the launchpad ppa archives there's bound to be a few. - Mar 16 2009

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Sep 25 2009
Ok, I took a look at the icons in gnome-icon-theme.

Gnome-colors uses the delete icon for "remove" and for "delete". In gnome-icon-theme, a minus icon is "remove".

If it works like that, then perhaps I can make a minus icon for "remove" as well (which presumably is what the applet uses).

I'll work on it and test it around tomorrow. - Mar 30 2009
Can you add this request to the google code page? I don't have the time to work on it right now, but if it's in the google code issues, I'll be able to remember this for the future. - Mar 30 2009
Ok, I understand now.

I think the problem is that they've decided to use the "delete" icon for that action.

This requires some thought, I'm not sure wether I want to replace the current delete icon for a minus sign. I'll wait until Jaunty is stable, give it a try - and if this behavior still exists, then I'll replace the delete icon accordingly. - Mar 30 2009
I'll try to compile a list tonight. It's around 140 icons that need to be recolored for a complete new version. If you take the account the number of icons and the 4 sizes needed (24x24 excluded, since that's just 22x22 with a 1px border) it ends up in about 560 icons. - Mar 28 2009
Can you post a screenshot? I'm not sure I know which icon you're mentioning. - Mar 28 2009
For the new color-scheme, you have to install them using the latest version of the script in the shiki-colors page. Previous versions only install the other 4 colors.

As for the manilla version, I'm afraid that's not on the roadmap. Manilla folders don't really fit with the style of the icon set or the folder icons themselves. Besides, there are already many manilla/brown/vista inspired icon sets already. - Mar 25 2009
I've been informed that there is an unofficial PPA archive for Ubuntu that has all the icon sets separately as .deb files. Perhaps this can help Ubuntu users or people who just want the one color set. - Mar 21 2009
I just downloaded the latest daily build of Xubuntu Jaunty and I gotta say... I'm impressed. Not only the icons, but the artwork in general, wallpapers and GDM theme are all great. They should put the Xubuntu team in charge of the mainstream GNOME release. - Mar 21 2009
Wow, sounds great! - Mar 21 2009
Lol, yeah, but still... If I do make a pink version it'll probably be for christmas or next year, so there's no hurry or pressure from it that would stop me from creating new themes.

Also, contrary to popular belief, there ARE girls who use linux. The point of the project is to allow everyone to get their desktop aligned with their favorite color, so Pink shouldn't be dismissed so easily.

Meanwhile, Purple should be close enough until then. - Mar 20 2009
Try deleting the actual folders in ./icons or /usr/share/icons.

If you're using one of the themes while deleting them, Icons will srink or revert back to GNOME until you've properly installed the new version.

The recommended step for upgrading is:
1. Switch to GNOME icon theme or any other.
2. Delete folders manually (Appearance Preferences stinks for upgrading icons/themes)
3. Extract the packages, and copy the resulting folders to either ./icons or /usr/share/icons as administrator.
4. Select the desired icon theme in appearance preferences. - Mar 20 2009
I can think of a few reasons why it won't ever be considered:

-The color scheme may be too vibrant/tango or not their palette.
-Gnome-Colors has too many icons. Distributions may prefer to leave all the application icons to the applications themselves. For example, I hear the mozilla guys hate it when their icons are replaced/themed.
-Canonical has already hired professional artists for new artwork, so they'll just stick to Human until that's done.

There are however, a few distros that will use gnome-colors by default, the most notable ones are:
-Easy-Peasy 1.1 (for netbooks)
-Sabayon 4.1 (GNOME version)

Also, the Xubuntu devs have talked about including gnome-brave for the past two releases in their mailing-list, and you can see the icons in their artwork wiki page.. Wether they get packaged or not, that's another thing. - Mar 20 2009
haha, well... Pink in 2010! - Mar 20 2009
It's a good idea, but the drawback is having to find fast, reliable hosting.

Deviantart is the fastest host that allows for direct downloads (I get about 2.0 MB/sec), but you can only host one file.

Also, separating the files will create a time lag for uploading. I do many minor updates to improve compatibility with newer distros or applications, and having to upload 6 files is time consuming, as I have a very slow upload speed (about 20KB/sec). Because of that, there would be files that are up to date and others that I wouldn't have gotten around to upload yet. - Mar 19 2009
Thanks for the tip, I had totally forgotten about that icon.

As for the Usplash, I will make it for Jaunty. Apparently, with the new Usplash you don't have to draw 20 different themes for each resolution, since you can just set pixmap locations. That would allow me to have to do only 10% of the work it would normally take, and support more resolutions. - Mar 19 2009
16 cups of coffee and 20 hours later, a purple variant is now complete.

The good news:
-The Noble/Purple version is every bit as complete and polished as the other versions.

The bad news:
-This is the last color variation. After these two days, I don't even want to see an Inkscape window for a very long time.

These five colors are final, and any future requests for other color-schemes will be ignored at least until next year.

That's all, enjoy the new purple artwork! - Mar 19 2009
I think the current icon is a better choice, since it is drawn at every resolution, rather than being a simple scalable file. The reason the other icon looks a bit better is due to the vibrancy of the colors and the lack of shadows. I can't change the colors, since they represent the themes, but I could lower the shadow opacity in a future release. This would make the logo look less "blurry" in light themes, although the change wouldn't be noticed in dark ones. - Mar 18 2009
Alright, thanks everyone for the input. I'll get to work on a much better mockup, although I think I will wait for Ubuntu Jaunty before releasing it.

The reason being that Jaunty's Usplash allows for setting pixmaps in specific locations, so I wouldn't have to draw everything from scratch for each resolution/color. - Mar 18 2009
Thanks for the input. I'll try to make it a bit less plain, although it might not be possible to incorporate Arc-Color's curves, since Usplash limits you to 256 colors. - Mar 16 2009
I think black is better, since monitor displays are black to begin with. This way the transition from boot to GDM will be a consistent black screen.

As for the verbose, it wouldn't be enabled. The space is there only when it randomly appears (like it does for a disk check), although I could make the box smaller and just put the area for verbose in the black background.

Although you're right. Plymouth is the future, but us Ubuntu users are stuck with Usplash until 9.10. I can only hope that Plymouth is not as much of a ******* to learn or theme as Usplash is. - Mar 16 2009
I'm working on a new Usplash theme for GNOME-Colors. I know this is a bit unrelated to the icon themes, but I want a little user input before I spend a million hours coding it (because usplash is hell).

Thoughts? - Mar 16 2009
Also, the new logo includes purple and pink. These color variations don't exist yet, but I'd like to create them sometime by the end of summer (I like purple, and I'm sure my nieces would love a pink setup). - Mar 16 2009
I replaced the old logo because many people simply hated it. I had no problem with it, but apparently, many believe it looked like the windows icon from afar and asked me how to remove it.

While the new pinwheel icon may not be the most original (as many themes also use a similar design), hopefully, this time around such concerns won't be necessary. - Mar 16 2009
Yes, you're right. They're a modified version of the printer icons from erectus, I totally forgot to add it to the authors file, sorry. I'll modify the file, add the credit and reupload tomorrow morning. - Mar 16 2009
There aren't any plans for a new color variation. Each color variation takes months of recoloring hundreds of icons in many sizes, so I won't be able to make other color spins any time soon.

However, you or someone else can play around with automated scripts and hue settings and get a hackish solution for a grayscale icon set. It would lack the polish a proper version has, but it would suit the needs of anyone who wants a grayscale version before I can make a proper one. - Mar 16 2009
I'll take it into consideration. A DNA strand would look good, and I'm sure that it could also be used for other filetypes. I'll have to look into it, and see what fits best when I have the time. - Mar 16 2009
There are fallback icons, but not enough. For example, if you use GNOME or Tango, you won't see volume change notifications.

Shouldn't be a problem anymore, though. GNOME-Colors already includes all the notify icons from human-icon-theme. - Mar 14 2009
The banshee icons are indeed included. I don't know why it uses a low res icon in your setup, but I've used Docky and it does show up properly. Try setting the size to 48, or deleting the icon theme and reinstalling - that usually fixes those sort of minor issues.

About a photorealistic icon set:
There's no plan for one in the near future. However, I've always wanted to recolor KDE4's Oxygen icons... Whenever the KDE artists finish drawing oxygen in all required sizes and I don't have college to worry about, I might just go ahead do it. - Mar 11 2009

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Apr 02 2009
Wow, this is a very interesting theme. I like it. - Mar 26 2009

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Oct 07 2009
Yes, thanks for the motivation! I had done the scalable icons a few months back, but after seeing yours I decided I wanted purple, so I went and did all the other sizes.

If you're using gnome-brave as a base for this theme, you can now use gnome-noble and you will have all the purple icons, so you only need to worry about designing/coloring/creating your own! - Mar 19 2009
This is great!
I wanted to make a purple version of gnome-colors for my nieces, but I don't have the time to work on it until summer.

This looks very good and I can now prepare their desktop with a nice purple theme immediately. Great job! - Mar 18 2009
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

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Sep 22 2010
Sorry, I didn't know imageshack was blocked by your ISP. How about this one? - Mar 18 2009
How about something like this?

The only change would be to make the outline a square, since currently it is just the bottom line. This way it looks a bit more symmetrical. - Mar 17 2009
Thanks for all your hard work on the engine!

A minor thought on the focus selections:
Currently, there's a 1px colored line under all selected widgets. I think it would look a lot better if this 1px line would be removed from buttons, and made a square for other items (like clearlooks).

Once again, thanks for everything! Murrine is by far the most versatile and good looking engine out there. - Mar 16 2009
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

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Aug 03 2009
Thanks for your work on the lock dialogs! I will give them a try and add to the download links later. - Mar 16 2009

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by jonian

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Jul 08 2009
elementary Icons

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Jul 08 2009
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Jun 10 2009