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Matias Costa

Plasma Themes by x-varlesh-x 8 comments

Great theme!

The only defect I find right now is the horizontal line for the selected taskbar item in vertical panels. Is it intentional?

- Jul 11 2017
New Wallpaper

Plasma 4 Extensions by alz83 6 comments

Wow! Great idea. - Jan 06 2011

Database by agkdb 13 comments

Sure. This can be awesome, but needs a litle of marketing. - Jun 29 2010
Solar system

Plasma 4 Extensions by jramen 62 comments

This has no sense. Everybody knows the suns orbits around the earth :p - Apr 16 2010

QtCurve by ptzero 3 comments

Very original, a "low tech" solution for a simple problem. I love it :) - Apr 15 2010

QtCurve by peroxid 33 comments

Thank you for the mockup. Your effort is apreciated. First I want to be complete and bug free, then I'll take your ideas.

what is the red cross at the top-left corner? - May 30 2007

QtCurve by peroxid 33 comments

Thanks for the observation. I'll fix it in the next release - Apr 22 2007

QtCurve by peroxid 33 comments

Well, if wengophone is a qt4 app it works, of course.

Just run qtconfig. - Apr 17 2007

QtCurve by peroxid 33 comments


I take your idea for the 0.2 version - Mar 31 2007

QtCurve by peroxid 33 comments

Thanks for your comment. I have been using konx. Some ideas are from it. The progress bar for example.

The pushbutton is a copy from the original gonx. Do you have any idea? can you waste 5 minutes and make a picture? - Mar 28 2007

QtCurve by peroxid 33 comments

I also got the "many lines" issue. I am going to remove the shadow for the groupboxes and try a softer color.

Thanks for the comment - Mar 12 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 7 comments

Uncompress the file. The you have three files:

-EleganceKit.emerald: open this with the emerald theme manager. You must have beryl.

-EleganceKit.kcsrc: This is the color scheme. Open it with the "Color" setting dialogue in kcontrol.

-EleganceKit.qtcurve: This is the qtcurve style config. Open this also with kcontrol. - Nov 12 2006
Violent Violet

KDE 3 Color Schemes by fuscia 7 comments

>in another 10 minutes, i could be real sick of this.

The why do you post it here? - Oct 23 2006
KWeather iWeather icons

Full Icon Themes by imaster 3 comments

You should explain how to install it, or provide a script. For me has been easy to do it, but other people...

Hey! you can offer them to be the default icons. - Oct 18 2006
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

I quit, surrender, you win, I lose.

People likes it. I'll not bother. Now I know that an error in the past is excuse for errors in the present. Also I've learned that you can't protest again something you don't like if you haven't protested for everything alike in the past. - Sep 29 2006
New KDE Mascot revisited

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by DocTomoe 17 comments

If that chicknux exists and the content is related to it I'll have to shut up mi mouth. But there is not that distro so...

You may lost that bet. I like nudity, I own and see porn, I have nothing again it. So dificult is to understand I am talking about off-topic content?

If someone says stupid things based on religion, you should ignore them, and not to lose the point here: again off-topic.

I got your las point, you are right. The community moderation is the way to get content in and out. I just want to remember what this place is for. - Sep 29 2006
New KDE Mascot revisited

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by DocTomoe 17 comments

I feel very sorry, exactly between sorry and astonished. Sorry because this talk has place in kde-look and ahtonished because people do not see this is not the place for this. I am not a founder of kde-look, nor I've been here from the begining. Just I've been visiting this site 2 years and I've contributed a little bit. But I believe (read: believe) this is just a kde/linux artwork site.

I do not want this wonderfuul place of share made another photo-upload place, or political battle forum. You talk about "appeasing religious nutheads"... WTF? I am openly atheist and I see this off-topic.

And please, other errors are not excuse. A OT content do not make the next OT good. Nature, landscape have a very little, little excuse: Thay can be included in a linux distribution. The artistic nude stuff (who said porn is plain stupid)... again, WTF?

I do not see bad a splash with a male background: OK (see thorsel). Nothing bad with anime/hentai chicks (see blacktiger), or a tit, or an ass. But things are getting crazy (no names here, we all know) - Sep 28 2006
New KDE Mascot revisited

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by DocTomoe 17 comments

Are you stating anyone can upload whatever he deserves to kde-look? - Sep 27 2006
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

The main problem with this content is the difference between off-topic and morality.

Can I upload the photos of my last holiday here? No! this is not imageshack nor flickr - Sep 27 2006
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

Great! you have kicked the the roots of western philosophy based in free will with two sentences. - Sep 27 2006
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

Is this place an photo art site? Ah! no. This is not. This is kde-look. Then... what are these photos doing here?

They are beautiful, sure. But this is not the place. Everyone can photo himself/herself and upload it here? - Sep 11 2006
me body too: size change

Wallpaper Other by linuxpimp 20 comments

Xivona walpaers are out of place here.

Yours too.

I don't have numbers in my hand, but I really believe kde-look users and admin don't want to make this site another wallpaper site. This is a kde/linux art site. I know there are unrelated stuff, and that's a glitch. There's a diffuse line dividing kde artwork and the rest, so anybody rants about nature wallpapers and all that. But this is very far far away from that line.

There have been many examples about "erotic" content having been banned. I don't like this, because I am hetero, but sure my girlfriend does. Anyway I'm not going to forward it to her, sorry ;). I have anything against male/female nudity, or erotic/porn/unrelated content. This is nothing about good taste, moral or religion. Just this is the perfect content to ruin the site. If yours is accepted then, we will have to take in every other picture with a penguin attached, and have our mouths quiet.

No hate please. Excuse my english.

PD: And these things would make this site a 18+ place... and that's not good. - Sep 06 2006

Wallpaper Other by valleyman86 2 comments

Nice, but the rotated one looks like it's floating in the air. - Aug 31 2006
Amarok: wallpaper 1600x1200

Various Artwork by e012100240 2 comments

Looks really good! I'd say impressive and polished. Profesional work.

Just a point. I had to make a inconscient work to read the text. May be because it's blue foregorund and background, maybe because it's too small. May be the two. I believe it would be superb with bigger text and some kind of (harder) glow or shadow effect.

And why 3 size versions? kdesktop makes good work resizing :)

Go, your work is very good - Aug 31 2006
Amarok: wallpaper 1280x1024

Various Artwork by e012100240 4 comments

A temporary solution is to take the 1600 version and crop/resize manually. - Aug 31 2006

Wallpaper Other by codicem 1 comment

I like very much the blurred background and the way the chip stuff fades in it.

vote up :) - Aug 30 2006
Debian Wallpaper 1280x1024

Wallpapers Debian by OnkelchenTobi 6 comments

Debian *does* provides Java: $ java -version java version "1.4.2" gij (GNU libgcj) version 4.0.3 20051023 (prerelease) (Debian 4.0.2-3) Copyright (C) 2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Java is not propietary, just some java VMs and JREs are. - Nov 07 2005
ChaotiKernel V 1'0

Wallpaper Other by pernambuco 3 comments

I like it, good work. But I think these plain backgound wallpapers should be transparent. So the user can use the excellent KDE wallpaper config to colorize it with his taste and/or to match his color scheme. Please, think about it. - Nov 05 2005
Desktop Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by rabe 6 comments

I want that wallpaper... please please :) - Sep 19 2005
Dragon Player

Video Players by eean 278 comments

You can apt-get codeine in:

deb unstable main

Please report me any issue - Apr 18 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

May be this is because your files are in *my* local time, and are newer than the generated Makefile. Over a fresh unpack run:

$ find . | xargs touch
$ ./configure && make

I love these build reports :) - Mar 05 2005
KDE - Gears of Steel

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by rs3hc 1 comment

I like because it's simple and the colors are soft and balanced.

I think It may be better if you make the gears more shiny. I mean the typical reflection effect. - Mar 01 2005

Wallpaper Other by slackwhore 5 comments

Etic: none. I agree wallpapers does not need to be kde (or any OS kde runs on) specific. But polithics and "spam" really need to be out.

1 vote for a abuse control. - Mar 01 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

I can't reproduce the bug. This is debian, kde 3.3.2 and kaffeine 0.5. Can you provide a screenshot? - Feb 18 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

I do not know if I'll implement highlight on mouseover because the the main target of the style is to be fast and with clear and simple code. But may be i'll do because I'm already adding more code than I'd like.

Well, what do you espect when a progress bar is at 0? - Feb 16 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

ACK - working on... - Feb 16 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

>However, there still a "rectangle background color" bug.

Can you give a page for example. Right now the style detects khtml and switchs to sharp corners to avoid the ugly effect (wich I hate especially).

BTW I'll say in KDE 3.4 seems it is a resolved issue. - Feb 13 2005
Evil Pingi -- Tux goes evil

Wallpaper Other by FatFoxx 3 comments

But it's too bad drawn. Even you could filter it with gimp to remove the paper bumps. Sorry for your girlfriend, but I vote [bad]. - Feb 13 2005
Dragon Player

Video Players by eean 278 comments

I'd like to make sugestion. Please, make posible to close the controls window without exit the app. Then, add a "Show controls" option in the video window context menu.

Would you accept a patch for this? - Feb 04 2005
Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme

Cursors by pinux 77 comments

Just copy them to ~/.icons and select the theme in kcontrol. Restart session and finished. - Jan 08 2005
Dragon Player

Video Players by eean 278 comments

After 15-20min playing some video, i.e. divx/mpeg film, codeine stops playing and freezes.

This is latest debian sid: kde/qt 3.3.1, libxine 1-rc7. Please contact for more info. - Dec 13 2004
Dragon Player

Video Players by eean 278 comments

What about to make left/right keyboard buttons to go 5 secs back/fordward? - Dec 01 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

Well, this style does not patch kde code, that should be too much.

I'll try to explain the ""-Drawing routine reimplemented, faster and nicer" changelog line. In version 0.1 I used a qt method named drawRoundRect, and it had some problems. The corners did not had all the same size nor look. So looking in the (GPL) qt sources I could fix it making the squares myself with drawConvexPolygon, documented as fast in X. At the same time it bypass several checks and loops in the generic qt method.

Also you can see the style is very simple, no gradients, no pixmaps, no pseudo 3d. In the dotnet code I droped many things, 8 bit support, bidi, all the event filter and dinamic objects. You can do `ll --sort=size /usr/lib/kde3/plugins/styles/*.so` and see what is the smallest style.

kde-look is full of good styles with nice gradients and effects. This, simply, does not have them. Just plain, fast and simple style. Just a alternative. - Dec 01 2004
Konqueror fine-adjustments

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by peppelorum 12 comments

mine does, bu it is a ugly hack. The problem is that some parts have frame, others do not. The icon view has it, and that's why there are two frames. - Nov 23 2004
Dragon Player

Video Players by eean 278 comments

I think startup is faster than beta1, if that is posible. And now the slider works it is my definitive video player. And having amarok as my definitive audio player... I have to give you many thanks.

Do you know what's the STOP_THE_INSANITY kicker cvs branch? I really believe kde need more coders like you to stop the bloat and nonsense. You can call me stupid, but I have just seen e17... no words. - Nov 10 2004
Dragon Player

Video Players by eean 278 comments

I really like the concept fast/simple/clean 2 window player. If I want a featurefull and messed player I switch to the original xine gui. Just click and play almost instaneous... gooood

Also agree on the volume control, there is alsamixer, kmix, that round thing on my table atached to my speakers, on the keyboad, etc. But if many people wants, a little bar at right is not annoying.

Only a glitch, the position bar does not work. 99% of the times it goes to (the end of the movie - 5secs).

What about making it a "unique instance" app? I mean clicking on konqueror opens the movie in the running player. - Oct 27 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

> the scrollbars missing a background and the scrollbar arrow buttons not being painted apart form the arrows make it unusable.

I'll take the cuestion seriously :|

>All the unaccounted-for areas betweeen the rounded corners looks confusing

Ok, ok. I'll do my best to resolve the problem.

Thanks for the talk. - Oct 05 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

>Using the selection color for activated buttons is quite overwhelming.

What color should be? selection dark/light, button light/normal/dark?

>The scrollbars are not clearly seperated from the scrolling widgets, they need a background color.

I really like that look. And adding a background gives problems. I'll study what to do

>Konq's throbber doesn't work.

I don't understand the word throbber. And tells a useless translation. Do you mean the right animation? sorry :(

>Plastic has a very nice feature where the current item has a colored border, for example one of a number of input fields, that works very well. I miss that with dotCurve.

Yeah! added to the TODO

>I also miss a hover effect for buttons, if even just a discrete one.

I am thinking about one nice effect. Some help (mockup) is really apreciated.

>Antialiasing the lines wouldn't hurt ;)

Hurts performance :( The actual drawing method is very fast (I think) and for resoltions above 800x600 is inperceptible (at least on CRT) - Oct 05 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

Can you explain better please? - Oct 04 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by peroxid 56 comments

For 0.3 will be posible configuring the color for lines, check boxes and radio buttons. - Sep 24 2004
New Wallpaper

Plasma 4 Extensions
by alz83

9   Jan 06 2011