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Peter pete
Persism Dekoration

deKorator Themes by emilsedgh 4 comments

Not really my thing, but from the preview the magnifying looking at the small - symbol makes me think you are restoring. With the magnifying glass usually making something bigger, I think restore not minimize. When the button is presumably minimize. - Mar 23 2006
green and clean

Kopete Styles by bink 11 comments

This is really good looking actually. I like your whole window layout, except for the vista-like windeco. Otherwise it great ;)

Shame im using the 0.12-dev branch, don't think this will work here though..

Keep up the good work! - Jan 22 2006
Sakahagi kopete theme

Kopete Styles by yagami 15 comments

This theme is really great. One slight bother is when the chat window width is increased the local users text doesn't stay relative to the box. So if a very high screen resolution is used, and say the chat window is maximized the text floats out the right side of the bubble. I hope theres some easy fix, as this I love this theme otherwise ;) - Oct 14 2005
Hardware Messages MOCKUP

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by RikRat 26 comments

I think this is a great idea, even though your popup reminds me of windows far more than I want to be.

Suse implements a similar idea, suseplugger or something, but it would be much better if it was done through KDE.

For consistency, would it not be best to go through knotify or whatever, what all the standard apps use like kmail, kopete etc?

Still, the knotify (or whatever it is actually called) is ugly, maybe someday someone will make some themes or the likes for it. - Oct 04 2005
Bluetooth Remote Control for Amarok

Audio Apps by asdex 11 comments

I remember there was a program like this for winamp on windows, which allowed you to see everything in the current playlist (ie loads and loads of tracknames) which was a really good feature.

Is there any chance this functionality could be added? - Feb 13 2005
Evil Pingi -- Tux goes evil

Wallpaper Other by FatFoxx 3 comments

Don't go giving microsoft marketing ideas now - Feb 12 2005
My desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by pete123 2 comments

Its crystal. in control center goto Appearence and themes then down to window decorations. In 'decoration options' just set to fade amount:0%, it doesent look very good without an outline so enable that.

for kicker (taskbar)

right click then appearence 'enable transparency'

to enable the programs to have transparency in kicker you need this

install that, remove taskbar by right clicking on kicker > remove > applet > taskbar

then add taskbar v2 (after you installed it) right click >kicker > add > applet > taskbar v2.

finally right click on kicker > configure panel >appearence > advanced options > and set applet handles to 'hidden' - Dec 18 2004
tux for kde 4 walli

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by debian1993 3 comments

hey, I like this but is there a version without the text? just tux and the background? - Dec 04 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots by strawnman 4 comments

nice, but i never thaught applet handles looked good - Dec 04 2004

Wallpaper Other by Blackiechan 5 comments

The cutout job on this is so funny just could not resist voting good and downloading it - Dec 04 2004