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Chris Ten Harmsel

Various KDE Stuff by mtm 16 comments

Just wanted to let you know that I use KPhone every day for our SIP set up in the office here at work. The memory leak was my biggest issue, so hopefully that's taken care of.

Thanks for the great work, if you need some help, let me know :) - Oct 29 2004

Network by pach 117 comments

Well my (I work on KiFi) experience were a little worse than not hearing from him, I'll just leave it at that. Anyway, it's funny how KiFi is sort of complimentary to KWirelessMonitor, it does scanning and network switching, while KWirelessMonitor does all the other wireless-related stuff. - Oct 23 2004

Network by Ph0nK 8 comments

Please feel free to email me, or post something on the forums we have up at if you use KiFi and have some feedback.

Thanks! - Oct 09 2004

Network by Ph0nK 8 comments

I really wish I had more time to work on this, but it's kind of been lacking lately. If anyone wants to get involved, there's a pretty solid code base, just let me know :) - Oct 06 2004

Network by Ph0nK 8 comments

Just wanted to point out that we've gotten a LOT of work done over the past couple days, so we're hoping for a new release in the next couple days. Biggest new feature is being able to switch networks to ones discovered when scanning. - Jul 31 2004

Network by Ph0nK 8 comments

It should be noted (and a better way to do this is trying to be thought of) that KiFi currently needs to be run as root in order for it to be able to support scanning. Scanning support for wireless cards requires root access for some reason. If you run it as your normal user you can still have your SSID and signal strength displayed though. - Jun 27 2004
MandrakeGalaxy *source* tar gz

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by svenhoek 5 comments

They style is nice, and it installs fine, but where can I get the window decoration from the screenshot? - Apr 12 2003
mandrakeGalaxy Theme

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by bouveyron 29 comments

If you do "rpm -i source.src.rpm" it will unpack it to /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES. you may have to create /usr/src/redhat before doing this, but then you will have the source tar.bz2 files.

I had problems compiling, and only got the style to compile and install. I can't get the window border working. - Apr 08 2003
mandrakeGalaxy Theme

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by bouveyron 29 comments

But I can't handle SRPMS. If you go to the URL above (to the source RPM) and go one up, there are no .tar.gz files anywhere to be found. Could you link directly to one? - Apr 08 2003
mandrakeGalaxy Theme

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by bouveyron 29 comments

Where is the FTP of mandrake? doesnt work, and none of the download mirrors have sourcecode?
Could you provide a link?

Thanks! - Apr 08 2003
Report from the front: KDE 3.2+ ?

KDE Plasma Screenshots by manyoso 13 comments

AFAIK (and I use kde-cvs constantly) slicker is not in KDE cvs. While it's a cool concept, it's still really new and needs lots of work (keep up the good work guys).

Kopete is planned on going in to kdenetwork for KDE 3.2, if you're not running this yet, please give it a try (I work mainly on the Oscar/AIM code for Kpoete).

-Ph0nk - Mar 23 2003
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 385 comments

Does anyone still have these in a packaged form? Would someone be willing to email them to me, or post a mirror or something? I've been waiting about a week and a half to be able to download them.


chris AT staticmethod DOT net - Mar 22 2003