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Philip Cain
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Icon Sub-Sets 161 comments

by kiddo
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Jan 08 2016
He's using xgl/compiz - see the forum or wiki documentation for your particular distro. - Apr 06 2006
Most Beautiful Screenshot in the Universe

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

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Sep 12 2005
Oddly enough, that simple homebrew superkaramba app actually looks pretty darn useful.

Could you post it in the Karamba section? I know I would download it... - Sep 26 2005
Kubuntu Ultra Splash (Moodin)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 33 comments

by jbus
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Jan 30 2006
Gosh, I just won't shutup on these comments.

When using the Crystal SVG icon theme, the lower KDE icon doesn't seem to work. It only shows a piece of paper, representing the default icon when no icon is set or found. If I switch to anything else (Nuvola, nuoveXT, Crystal Clear) then it works. Also, I'm on Kubuntu 5.04 Hoary, so the Crystal SVG theme might be slightly modified.

Any ideas? - Sep 24 2005
Do it, dude! - Sep 23 2005
I actually prefer the Kubuntu default background, so I altered it to work with this. Tomorrow I'll do the same for the KDM theme.

Rather than uploading an entire variation based on yours, and given the fact that you gave instructions on how to use custom backgrounds, I'm just going to post the Background.jpg here.

Kubuntu Ultra Splash Alternate Background (uses Kubuntu default background):

The nerdier techies out there might notice that it isn't actually jpg compressed, but png. The moodin engine works with pngs, but the file still has to be named Background.jpg. I suggest using pngs since they look a heck-of-a-lot-better. - Sep 23 2005
Shoot, you updated before I finished posting my comment. Well, thanks, then. - Sep 23 2005
The folder name within the archive is KubuntuUltraSplash1024, but for it to work, it needs to be KubuntuUltraSplash. You can either change the folder name that it creates and update the archive, or you can update the Theme.rc file to reflect the 1024 in the name. e.g., the first line of Theme.rc would read [KSplash Theme: KubuntuUltraSplash1024]

Other than that, great theme! - Sep 23 2005

KDE Plasma Screenshots 22 comments

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Jul 17 2005
Methinks you meant "Finder", the filebrowser. "Safari" is the web browser (and only does web browsing (plus RSS feeds now, I suppose).

I don't know if that was you're mistake or the mistake of one the addons. Either way, nice OS X shot. - Jul 19 2005
kwifimanager artpack

Icon Sub-Sets 5 comments

by mart
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Jun 16 2005
I'm going to point the KDE devels to these right away, and hopefully they'll want to commit them to SVN. - Jun 16 2005
Context Styled Menu entries

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 5 comments

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Jun 15 2005
The concept has potential... maybe not as a default behaviour, but definitly for KDE Accessibility.

This may be too troublesome, but maybe you could make a small animation demonstrating the feature (in Flash or as a GIF); the current mockups just don't do the idea justice. - Jun 16 2005
Kubuntu Package Menu

Dolphin Service Menus 18 comments

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Sep 29 2005
So stop voting me down!

(Just kidding - I don't really care about the ranking) - May 27 2005
It will take me some time to figure out how to make the appropriate changes to use mktemp. If you could come up with some code too, that would probably be helpful.

I didn't realize the security threat, but I suppose it makes sense. First bug and first security flaw... dang! - May 13 2005
I'll put the features back in once I test them and make sure they work exactly as expected. I have several machines (including a VM) that I test my stuff on. Even with the Debian Service menu, "installed files" wasn't working quite right.

I'm okay with adding features - but remember that Kubuntu is about simplicity and ease of use. Plus, wouldn't the "show installed files" option basically give you the same information as "Show Package Info"? The files that will be installed are listed, and the installed status is listed.

Changelog, on the hand, could be useful, and I'm trying to see if I can append the information to the "Show Package Information" kdialog. - May 11 2005
Okay, I added this feature, but only as an alternate version. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the "Actions" paradigm, but in the spirit of community, I support adding features people want/need. - May 11 2005
No, for me it has to verbose. That's why we're using xterm. If you are missing a package dependency, how else will you know?

I could switch it to a Konsole and make it completely KDE-ified, but I think the current solution is pretty elegant and usable. - May 11 2005
A good point. I'll start working on that. - May 11 2005
Thanks, I'm posting a request now. - May 10 2005
Kate Snippets

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 16 comments

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Apr 25 2005
Vote for this additional feature: - Jun 01 2005
Really like your plugin.

However, in most other advanced text editors (on other platforms), a "Clip Library" organizes what you call Snippets into libraries, or books.

If we could implement that functionality, that would complete this nearly-perfect plugin. And then add the ability to import/export SnippetBooks rather than individual Snippets. Custom SnippetBooks could be uploaded to or someplace.

Here is an example - I download an XHTML SnippetBook from, and import the Book into the Snippet plugin. Now I choose XHTML Tags from a dropdown menu within the Snippet Sidebar, and viola! I'm shown a list of tasty valid XHTML tags to use at my disposal.

SnippetBook ideas (anyone could make these and upload them if the functionality was there):

HTML Character Entities
CSS Tags
CSS Color Codes
W3C Doctype Declarations
Regular Expressions
etc, etc...

I'll take a look at the code to see if I can conjur up the feature. If I can, I'll send you the code.

Program Control Center (KDE)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 60 comments

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Jun 02 2005
Kubuntu currently uses Kynaptic, but may be switching to Kapture.

I haven't seen a screenshot of Kapture, but this UI design is a step in the right direction. Maybe Kapture development can follow suit? - May 31 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 6 comments

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May 04 2005
They're so good, in fact, that I think I'm gonna remake 'em with Crystal icons for all us Crystal users. - May 04 2005

Various KDE Stuff 25 comments

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Oct 26 2006
I didn't have any problems installing the Release Candidate, and then using Kynaptic to update everything. I've tried it on 2 machines so far, with no problems.

Kubuntu may be lacking a few key utilities that Ubuntu has (update-notify, simpler package manager), but it is a great distro, especially considering this is its first release. - Apr 08 2005
kubuntu grub-splash

Various Stuff 4 comments

by XamDM
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Apr 07 2005
You should get this into the kubuntu to-do wiki. - Apr 07 2005
Better Desktop Dropshadows

Various Stuff 21 comments

by abby
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Dec 27 2004
I was having nightmares because desktop font-shadows looked simply awful in KDE, and look great in GNOME, OS X, and Windoze.

Someone needs to submit a bug to KDE and

a) Request this option be added into the "Configure Desktop - Advanced Options" GUI

b) Request that the default ShadowParameters be adjusted to look better, because let's face it, they look like crap until you apply one of these new settings. - Oct 26 2004
Discover KDE 3.3

Various Stuff 5 comments

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Oct 22 2004
No, I don't want to copy GNOME. I just wanted to have a laugh and say, hehe we're that cool too.

I do think we should use and make KDE the best desktop out there, without copying Windows, Mac or GNOME. - Oct 23 2004
KPDF icon

Various Artwork 7 comments

by The-Q
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Oct 13 2004
Did your icon win? Does anyone know who the winner is?

Your's is definitly the coolest. It's obviously the best according to viewers. - Oct 22 2004
KEduca Replacement Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

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Oct 22 2004
Hey thanks dude. I'm hoping more developers post requests for icons, because we already have enough system-wide icon themes. What really needs work are some of those default icons in KDE applications. - Oct 22 2004