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Michael Yarbrough
Nietzsche and Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by BobZeppelin 11 comments

I just clicked 'download' and you need to change the URL so it points to the right place. - Aug 26 2010
Nietzsche and Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by BobZeppelin 11 comments

I love this, so hard. This is so EPIC, and I appreciate what you've done here, just ignore the haters. I wish I had the time/motivation to come up with something funnier to post here, but I should really quit procrastinating and get to my philosophy homework. well done!! - Aug 26 2010
Create Background Slideshow

Wallpaper Other by marcstewart 14 comments


THANK YOU for this excellent app! This is one that's been sorely missing from GNOME, and I'm so glad to see you pioneer the effort to enable us to liven up our desktops! I have suggestions for improvement...
Enable us to specify how an image is displayed, ie stretched, tiled, zoomed, centered, scaled, etc. This will allow crebs to show us the image at the best aspect ratio/crop.
Consider enabling a few default time settings. for instance, radio buttons for displaying each image for 10 mins, half hour, 1 hour, 8 hours, etc (while keeping, of course, the custom time intervals).
Make editing of existing slideshows a little more transparent. It was trivial for me to point crebs to the xml file so I could edit a slideshow... but it seems simpler to open and edit a previous slideshow rather than create a new one each time.
Allow the option to automatically use all the images in a folder without having to add them to the slideshow by hand. possibly through the use of an 'update' button, etc.
Consider adding a 'random' option, whereby crebs will randomly pick an image from a folder to display.
I doubt that all of these features are possible or easy to add. They are mere suggestions for an already wonderful application. - Jul 14 2010
Inter Vivos

Metacity Themes by dskagers 2 comments

This is a nice-looking metacity theme, but I think I am just as fascinated by the command in your terminal ("explain inter_vivos"). Please tell me what is that?! - Dec 05 2009

GTK2 Themes by Pakos 12 comments

Hey, this theme is wonderful! I am very impressed with all the excellent themes you have maintained over years and updated recently. It shows that you care... and it also helps that you rely on Murrine, I think it's the best engine. I only have one idea for improvement- I wish your themes were fully color customizable from Appearance Preferences, since a few of your themes look very similar, apart from color scheme changes. Until then, I'll just use gnome-color-chooser or edit the gtkrc file. thanks, I look forward to updates. - Dec 02 2009
Aero Space

GTK2 Themes by isgie 10 comments

Hi, This looks neat and I want to try it, but I wonder why the package size is 14 MB?? If you included the icon set in the package, then please upload another package with *just* your GTK. Instead you could just link us to where we can find NuoveXT. thank you! - Oct 11 2009

GTK2 Themes by Kalushary 2 comments

Hi! This is a very wonderful theme, and I plan on continuing to use it. however, I get a bug with scrollbars in OpenOffice. afaik, this has something to do with OO being a Java app instead of GNOME? ....don't quote me on that, I'm just a noob. Thanks for this terrific theme anyway, I like the other themes you posted today and look forward to others. - Sep 17 2009
Elegant Pattern

GTK2 Themes by Netsu 54 comments

Yep, this is a sweet theme, but my criticism matches others' here....the font color for window menus and panel buttons is too dark. In your screenshots the font is white, but in the actual package the font is black against dark gray.

- Sep 12 2009

GTK2 Themes by p0pt0nes 2 comments

What is the font in this screenshot? and what is that very interesting looking video clip you're watching? - Sep 12 2009
Mist Compact

GTK2 Themes by nvo 1 comment

I like what you're doing with this theme, but I've found a few usability flaws. The icons for buttons vanish sometimes, with some icon themes. here is my totem with the sticker icon theme (

This bug would also appear with the Gartoon icon theme, but not human....and it would appear unpredictably with buttons on other windows.

I would also like to see more of the color preferences opened up (esp. for selected items).

anyway, like I said, I appreciate this theme because I use an ultraportable with a 12" screen. I'll keep an eye out for more bugs. - Sep 11 2009

GTK2 Themes by schollidesign 10 comments

oh, hey, I guess I figured this out. I just deleted the panel and button backgrounds (I'll restore them and back them up). so it's really just the way I like it now. I'm glad I finally learned this, there are other themes I wanted to do this for. - Aug 23 2009

GTK2 Themes by schollidesign 10 comments

Hey, thanks for this neat theme. I am familiar with lassekongo's impressive work, and I think this mod is a great step up. There's a lot of wonderful attention to detail, like the check buttons that fade, and the rounded corners.

some feedback--- I prefer a panel whose background color/image I can change/see. As it is, the buttons are not transparent. ...I hope this is making sense, I'm not sure of the terms here. I would do this myself but I just don't know how. thank you.

- Aug 23 2009
Any Color You Like

GTK2 Themes by switzak 12 comments

Switzak, I think I've commented on all your other awesome ACYL creations.... I have a bug to report this time, however. The scrollbar in OpenOffice doesn't appear. When I scroll with the mousewheel, the pixels where the scrollbar should be do not change. The pixels don't change when I click, and I can't scroll by dragging. They do change if I move the window off-screen and back on, but it's always some distorted mess of pixels.

the problem isn't present in firefox or other apps as far as i've seen.

Also, whenever I click and drag the scroll bars, they disappear and then reappear when I let go.

the only thing wrong with this screenshot is the sidebar in OO. i use various utilities to hide desktop icons, menubars for gnome apps. - Aug 22 2009
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes by switzak 286 comments

This is unspeakably, astonishingly amazing! I was around for the first release, and I really dig the changes. I am really in total awe at my desktop now. I want to keep seeing people download this, and for this to rise to the top! thank you.

(some feedback: I agree that the folder icons are a little plain and may need a change just because they're ubiquitous. I'll keep an eye out for other fixes.) - Aug 16 2009
Parallel Line White

GTK2 Themes by niokei 1 comment

I've been using this since you published it here! I'm totally serious when I say it's my favorite and that it's one of the best I've seen! I particularly appreciate the choice of black for the background for menus-- because in OpenOffice, it makes the icons -really- stand out in all these neonish colors. I don't know if this was intentional, but it makes OpenOffice look great, which is something other themes may miss.

Right now I have all my colors set to white and black, except for selected items, in gray-blue.

(I use metacity but I suppose I should try out the emerald themes as well. I've avoided it so far because visible buttons are a must for me.) - Jul 31 2009
DDakji(Sticker) Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by bugbear5 35 comments

These look wonderful, and I appreciate your work and David's very much. I saw these icons a few months ago, and loved them so much that I vaguely resolved to create a theme for them myself. His other creations are excellent, too....

btw I think these look best against a colored/dark background so the white outlines stand out, and I set my default icon size in nautilus a bit bigger, too. - Jul 28 2009
Retrofukation Icons(fully rewrited)

Full Icon Themes by untouchable89 13 comments

untouchable89, this icon set has come to be my favorite now, and I look forward to a future release with more icons included, so thanks for the cool port. However, it was definitely uncool to not ask permission from the creator. Perhaps jgvisuals will be compelled to author the next release. thanks very much to jgvisuals, too. - Jul 26 2009
Adele Bloch-Bauer I

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 2 comments

Oh, wait, so....I got a 404 for this, and at least one of your other wallpapers, too... :-/ - Jul 07 2009
Adele Bloch-Bauer I

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 2 comments

This is excellent! I just commented on another of your works, and I remembered that vladstudio sounded familiar, so I looked at your contents. I've seen your artwork before, possibly at! I already have several of your wallpapers on my comp. These images are beautiful, beautiful. I see too much stuff here that's aggressive and dark, but your creations are stuff of another world. a gleam in the gloom :-) - Jul 07 2009
How Internet Works

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 3 comments

super, super cute. - Jul 07 2009
Retrofukation Icons(fully rewrited)

Full Icon Themes by untouchable89 13 comments

Okay, this is embarrassing. Sorry, I apparently downloaded a different file from some other page...or something? Apparently firefox has a few different pages with 'retrofukation' in its history, and I kept just looking at that same file instead of just downloading the one from this page again. I found the right file types when I did that, and now I can see your sweet icons. thanks, sry for the confusion. - Jun 28 2009
Retrofukation Icons(fully rewrited)

Full Icon Themes by untouchable89 13 comments

I tried that, with all the folders and the zip files, but with no success. All your files are a mix of .ico, .bmp, .avi types, while I thought that icons for Ubuntu were .png and .svg with an index file. - Jun 27 2009

GTK2 Themes by msart2k 5 comments

Yes, this is actually quite excellent. - Jun 27 2009
Pokemon Energy

Metacity Themes by decay88 1 comment

my goodness, this is one of the BEST themes I've seen on here, no kidding. It makes me happy just to use it! If you love Pokemon, or loved it at any time in the past, you should get this theme. I really hope you get more attention here. ADD A SCREENSHOT!! - Jun 27 2009

GTK2 Themes by drakfire 14 comments

This is a very very nice theme; I'm another Elegant Brit fan. One tiny complaint-- I like light themes, and I'd be very happy with a lighter panel bar, one where the buttons and icons aren't opaque black, and the black menu bar.... just something to consider, though I like it already. - Jun 27 2009

GTK2 Themes by gentlemanFinn 31 comments

Despite its simplicity, this is actually a really innovative theme, one of the coolest I've seen on here, seriously. With all due respect, I suggest an option for very light buttons, and one for light window borders. Invisible buttons and windows that run into each other tangibly diminish usability. - Jun 27 2009
Any Color You Like

Metacity Themes by switzak 13 comments

Um, so I can tell that this is an awesome theme to go with your icon set, but I actually don't know how to get this to follow my gnome color settings. My window borders always just show up as white. How can I change this? - Jun 27 2009
Damn Life

GTK2 Themes by Mandarancid 5 comments

This is really another beautiful, beautiful theme, but I can't use Beryl on my main comp. I would so love to see a metacity port, and a fix of the invisible text in the tabs (below) in a future release. Thanks! - Jun 27 2009
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes by switzak 286 comments

This is excellent, excellent. praise to your imagination and inventiveness in getting this done. - Jun 27 2009

Metacity Themes by Xenogis 7 comments

This is another really beautiful theme, and I think it was a great idea to add the colored window borders. even the name fits, unlike most of the theme names on here. However, the invisible close/resize buttons actually do diminish the usability. very light ones would be much better. - Jun 27 2009

Metacity Themes by rothchild 3 comments

A wonderful theme, really one of the best I've seen here. totally looking forward to 1.0 :-) - Jun 27 2009

GTK2 Themes by KYRN 31 comments

totally, this is an awesome theme. I love the top window bar and the close/resize controls :-) - Jun 27 2009
Retrofukation Icons(fully rewrited)

Full Icon Themes by untouchable89 13 comments

Hey, these icons actually look great, but I was disappointed to see that they're for Windows. How may I get them for Ubuntu? Thanks. - Jun 27 2009
WE Ergo Blue

GTK2 Themes
by jardasmid

Jul 13 2010
Jul 06 2010
Aug 05 2009
Pokemon Energy

Metacity Themes
by decay88

Jun 27 2009
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes
by switzak

Jun 27 2009

Metacity Themes
by rothchild

Jun 27 2009

GTK2 Themes

Jun 27 2009
The Planet U

Wallpaper Other
by 6treph

9   Feb 08 2011