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Xinotyhp Phytonix , United States of America
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Icon Sub-Sets 48 comments

Score 40.0%
Feb 17 2006
usable theme will be available as Torchlight when 0.2.0 released. Currently there are not enough icons. And 0.1.99 such code name suggests "preview" or development snapshot. Thank you for support and theme will be released just couple of weeks from now. - Dec 14 2005
Glad to hear that. Thank you! - Dec 03 2005
it is Mac OS X. Not available for Linux. - Sep 04 2005

Full Icon Themes 8 comments

Score 50.0%
Aug 06 2005
Thank you!
I will let u know when I release new theme, if u want to pack it in the future. - Dec 04 2005
Plastiger Colors

KDE 3 Color Schemes 4 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 20 2005
it's called charcoal CY
I guess it is not free font. I have it because I have Mac OS X. - Oct 22 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes 59 comments

Score 58.0%
Oct 01 2005
on Debian ppc
but msstyle doesn't work
feedback: not valid DOS header
maybe because this is not a x86 machine - Sep 08 2005
It's bad I don't use Linux anymore. - Sep 04 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 16 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 13 2005
I don't think it would be a problem if the trash is ricebowl which is the name of these icons. Trash is very important icon. And trash doesn't mean something bad. So. No problem at all. Ricebowl is just a name. It doesn't really matters. There are plenty of icons with nonsense names. - Sep 06 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 96 comments

by saki
Score 35.7%
Dec 13 2005
This is terribly true. I cannot believe it. And it is so highly rated. IMO the author should delete this theme from KDE-Look. - Sep 05 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 14 comments

Score 41.4%
Sep 03 2005
same to me ^_^
My favorite are Inkscape, compression including deb and rpm, desktop, eva and cd/dvd burner.

Well I totally understand that unity of style is something many people want. However it is not the goal of Torchlight. In contract, Torchlight kind of want differences between different types of icons. - Jul 22 2005

I may make those box more crystal. And because I mix all kind of icons together, the consistency problem would seem more serious than it is. Usually you can only see actions together on toolbar, foler and mimetypes together, devices together.

The CD icons are not soft? This is a bit weird to me because I feel them soft...Don't know how to make them softer, LOL... - Jul 14 2005
Yes, Crystal is a very great icon set. I am inspired by it and kind of follow the fashion. Consistency is always a problem for me but I will make sure there are something underlying to be consistent. At least for the same series. Such as packages, archives. Thanks for comment! - Jul 14 2005