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Pierre-Adrien BUISSON Lyon, France

Full Icon Themes by igancuhz 18 comments

Really great ! I've just downloaded your icon theme and already love it !! Thanks :) - Aug 02 2008

Metacity Themes by BearOso 17 comments

Very nice theme ! A wonderful alternative to clearlooks :) - May 12 2008
Blue-ifull cpufreq

Icon Sub-Sets by patrickclover 3 comments

I like this theme, there's not a lot of themes for cpufreq so thanks a lot ;) - Apr 03 2008
Kamel icons

Icon Sub-Sets by jarulez 51 comments

I find this theme quite nice, except the "directory" icon which makes me think of an archive (quite annoying since it's the most commonly viewed icon...)

- Jan 11 2008