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by Xrott
Score 67.1%
Apr 17 2018
Finally found it !
it's well hidden, in view -> shuffle playlist

Update or syntax for bindong a shortcut for a plug-in action would still be welcome.
I tried to edit the LUA file, but it would be easier if I knew LUA :). Atm, I only managed to break it. - Jan 21 2016
Thanks for your extension !
I hoped your it would save me (and I'm sure it will !)... but atm, I don't see your button in the interface.
Btw, I restarted VLC. I also checked that the extension is shown as "active" in the menu.

Using version 2.1 (Terry Prachett, 2015-04)

Also, could you bind some keyboard shortcut to the function ? e.g ctrl-shift-R, which IIRC, is the winamp shortcut for this function. MPC or any other would probably be a good choice too, anything to avoid having to click. - Jan 21 2016
Shuffle Playlist

VLC Extensions
by Xrott

Score 67.1%
9   Jan 21 2016