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Adam Pigg
Kexi Report Part

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by piggz
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Feb 03 2008
Hi, yes, ive had this error reported aswell.... What you need to do is (atleast until i get another version out) use the from the 0.0.4 release and rerun 'make -f Makefile.cvs' etc.

It will probably also be nescessary to use the version of Kexi from the 1.6 svn branch as it has some fixes that are nescessary to prevent a crash. - Jan 31 2008
Scrap this with version 0.0.4 :) - Jun 16 2007

Firstly. thanks for all the +ve feedback....

Secondly, this may provide a better build experience.

Instead of editing src/ (which may require rebuilding configure), try the --with-extra-includes paramter to configure to specify the path to the kexi source.

./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix1 --with-extra-includes=/path/to/kexi_source

Check ./configure --help for other parameters (and the syntax) - Jun 14 2007
wine menu

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by piggz
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Mar 12 2006
This contains all the entries exactly as they appear in windows. The normal wine menu only contains a subset i think. - Mar 12 2006
Wine Menu

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by piggz
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Sep 28 2005
Cheers - Sep 29 2005
If you send me the output of configure and make i will try and see why it fails (

If there is a Makefile.cvs in the package (i cant check at the moment) you could try
make -f Makefile.cvs

PiggZ - Sep 29 2005