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Diego Chantrain
Ubuntu Glass

Wallpapers Ubuntu by morg002 27 comments

If only a kind soul out there did something like this for Gentoo. I'd do it myself but my skills are sadly lacking :o( Dear Santa Claus, I have been a very good boy this year and... ;o) - Nov 20 2005
Clear Desktop Theme

GTK2 Themes by ericbobbitt 3 comments

Very nice theme. The only problem is that it's extremely difficult to tell when text is highlighted on a white surface. - Jan 17 2005
Cabo de São Vicente

Wallpaper Other by pinger 3 comments

Thanks for your comment. That was a very impressive place to visit indeed... :o) - Dec 05 2004
Lots of K

Wallpaper Other by leonscape 8 comments

This is cool. Forgive my ignorance... but how did you do it? - Jun 21 2004
GNOME. Integrity & Efficiency

Wallpapers Gnome by kwiatkowski 10 comments

Wallpapers are now shared between and Look before you rant :o) - Jun 20 2004
Lac Léman

Wallpaper Other by pinger 2 comments

I'm glad you liked it. Are the credits that much of a problem? I made them real small so that they are easy to hide with the smallest of taskbars... - Jun 20 2004