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Marko Sosic
Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme

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by pinux
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Jan 11 2005
Yes it is right!
I have worked on the arrow for 3 days and it was difficult to make it how I wanted it to be! The arrow is not symmetric and I don't wanted it to be so! It is hard to do this because you have to consider that when you export it in png you have only 24x24 pixel and it is hard to make it look nice!

Thanks to everyone, I'm happy that you like it!

pinux - Jan 13 2005
Pinux's Lila cursors theme

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by pinux
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Dec 11 2004
Sorry for the waiting!

To use one of this set of cursors, edit or create the file ~/.Xdefaults
and add the following line:

Xcursor.theme: Lila

The original sixe of the cursors is 24x24, you can change the size adding a line like:

Xcursor.size: 16

To globally use this set of mouse cursors edit the file:
and change the line:

Inherits=[current setting]

Note this will be overruled by a user's ~/.Xdefaults file. - Dec 27 2004
Have you tried to restart the X? - Dec 11 2004
I have checked it and it is working for me! If you want change the Ibeam.conf to let your cursor work good, and if you find what is the problem send it to me at Thank for your help! :) - Dec 07 2004
The size is 24 x 24. I think that this is the perfect size for a cursor! - Dec 06 2004
I was thinking about a white version... give me a few days and I will post a new version... thanx - Dec 02 2004