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Piotr Podg├│rski , Poland
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Humanity Weather Icons

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Feb 01 2010
Hi janet,
unfortunately my dropbox content was cleaned and I don't have any backup of 0.7 version. Sorry. - Sep 26 2012
Lucid theme will have its own version. Here is screenshot (2x zoom): - Feb 02 2010
Thanks for comment:) You are right, it might be not readable in some circumstances. I will make it a little darker. Would You sending me a screenshot of your notification area? This will make it much easier to match the color. - Jan 29 2010
I use Droid Sans size 9, color #606060, color of background of Selected Items is #969696. Of course default Human gtk theme. - Jan 02 2010
Thanks for the tip :) - Nov 27 2009
Wait till natewiebe13 update Humanity Panel Icons Theme. He will replace old weather icons with new ones :) - Nov 22 2009
On screenshot the weather icon is darker then other ones because You took darker icons. Copy lighter icons and everything should be fine. All color themes are included in package. - Nov 11 2009
Icons for dark themes like Dust (so brighter icons) use #969696 color (I took it from speaker icon in tray). For the light themes (like karmic default) color is #606060. Maybe I made a mistake earlier, but now I'm sure that the colors are right like I wrote. Would You mind giving me a link to screenshot of your tray? - Nov 11 2009
Added in 0.3. Thanks for report - Nov 11 2009
For the last couple of days there were many uploads of humanity-style icons. Search gnome-look, and You will find them for sure. - Nov 10 2009
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Jul 18 2009
This should be default cursor in Ubuntu as part of branding this distro - Jul 19 2009
Compact murrine

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Nov 07 2008
OK, fair enough.I modified few themes for my desktop so this isn't problem for me. Looking forward to downloading the package with your theme:) - Nov 11 2008
Scrollbar should have buttons with arrows. Second - sliders should be shorter. When there will be package with this theme?! It's a 'must have' theme for me:) - Nov 09 2008

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by tiheum

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Aug 28 2010
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May 29 2010
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May 08 2010
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Feb 04 2010
elementary Icons

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Jan 01 2010

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Dec 26 2009