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Matthias MeíŸmer , Germany
KTurtle Scripts

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Sep 14 2011
Join #kde-www on, my nick is "pipesmoker".

I am looking forward to our chat :D - Jun 18 2011

KDE UserBase Wiki ( is looking for a screen capture tool with the option to add numbers to screenie. You tool is very near to that. We would like to have a list of numbers in coloured circles that can be moved onto the screenie.

A text comment doesn't help us, because it would be difficult to translate the exported image afterwards.

Did you think of adding your tool to the git repos of the KDE Project yet?

Thanks for this handy tool!

Best regards


P.S.: The very best would be an upload feature using the Wiki API. - Jun 16 2011

Graphic Apps
by bardack

Score 84.5%
Jun 16 2011