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Piotr Wicijowski , Poland

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

I'm really, really sorry, but I don't have a 64bit build environment around. If I had, I would be more than glad to help. However, I suggest that you built it yourself, it turns out to be much easier than expected. - Dec 23 2011

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

It's me again. I made an almost complete translation of Cantata. The .po file can be found here:
I hope the quality of translation will be satisfying. - Dec 22 2011

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

Sorry for spamming the comments, but it turns out that the checkinstall package I made was not really ok. Fortunately, the author included cpack directives, so now I'm posting a properly (I hope) made package - Dec 22 2011

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

I compiled a deb package for those eager to try it out. I made it with checkinstall, so don't expect anything fancy.
Made on Kubuntu 11.10, KDE 4.7.2 (probably)

I hope the application creator is ok with me distributing packages. - Dec 22 2011

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

BUG1: Strange, I don't have as many lines in mainwindow.cpp, only around 1632. Maybe you meant line 1495 in setupTrayIcon(), because there it works :)

BUG2: Great, it works now:) However, now that I can properly see the tree structure I was wandering why are there no tree expand arrows in the top level directories. But it's not a biggie.

Now that both bugs are fixed I'm going to use your client full time :) - Dec 22 2011

Audioplayers by CraigD 391 comments

This is what I was looking for. Great job :)
It's not perfect yet, but as for a first release it shows a great potential.

Apart from praise, i would like to give a couple of request and point out some bugs:
Feature: play/pause on middle clicking the tray icon. For kde version I've already changed the code:
mainwindow.cpp, line 1507, add something like
connect(trayItem, SIGNAL(secondaryActivateRequested( const QPoint & )), this, SLOT(playPauseTrack()));
Bug1: Having the tray icon enabled if you enter and leave the settings, each time a new tray icon appears
Bug2: folder view in tree mode does not respond to double clicks.

If I find something more, I will post it here, because I have only played with your application for about 5 minutes.
- Dec 21 2011
I use Intel drivers as well. Version 2.12 (found in Ubuntu 10.10) to be precise. So it is more likely to be the driver's fault. - Oct 13 2010
When setting option "Alter background by:" in "Tab" settings to value other than 0%, all widgets inherited from (presumably) QAbstractScrollArea expose a strange bug:
Their content often disappears and reappears on selection/hover.
These screenshots show what I mean.
the bug:
the bugless version:
Using version 1.6.2, but the 1.6.4 also is affected.
Only Qt applications expose this behaviour.
Kubuntu 10.10, Qt 4.7.0, KDE 4.5.2 - Oct 11 2010
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