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Pablo C. Paris, France
Black Drop

Wallpaper Other by Josito43 1 comment

Would be almost nice if it weren't for the text you included. - Jul 26 2007
Murrine Xfwm Theme

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by cimi86 2 comments

Hey, you've made my day with this!
As usual... cimi's the man!

Bye! - Jun 17 2007
My Destkop (December)

XFCE Screenshots by priyank 2 comments

I love your screenshot, and wanted to congratulate for it! Very nice job! I voted GOOD!

BTW, Where can I get the wallpaper?
It's very subtle.

Tkx in advance. - May 19 2007
Old Mac is Back!

Gnome Screenshots by plasmatron 6 comments

The font used in the screenshots for application menu and desktop is "pix Chicago", which is a Chicago look-alike which can be freely downloaded at:

for a more detailed list of the Mac OS 9 fonts, see (for example, but not only)

Thanks for your comments!

- Apr 26 2007
Old Mac is Back!

Gnome Screenshots by plasmatron 6 comments

Ok, thank you for your comment, I respect what you said.

However, I don't share your opinion.
Even though everything is in gnome, the links are useful in order to save users' time looking for them. I didn't include them up-front, because I didn't think anyone will be that interested; but I'm doing it now.

So as you say, this is the good act I'm performing today. Hopefully, this will get me to heaven! :)

Wallpapers used in screenshots:
1- "Barber shop", found in

2- Mac Mosaic classic,
got it from my Mac disks, I cannot publish them as it's proprietary software.

Metacity Theme:
"Classic", found in

- Apr 25 2007
I vote GOOD because I love finding people from my home country.

Your photos are amazing, please keep
up the excelent job!

Saludos! - Oct 10 2006
Ubuntu Girl

Wallpapers Ubuntu by rana 7 comments

There is nothing artistic nor stylish here. I dont think it belongs here.
Voting bad. - Sep 05 2006
me body too: size change

Wallpaper Other by linuxpimp 20 comments

I dont like this whatever-you-call-it that you have uploaded here. I dont think it belongs here, not because of the picture itself, but because it shows your lack of taste. I consider this to be an insult to all those who contribute with their refined and stylish artwork.

Please no more of this junk. Post it somewhere else, there are web sites out there which will gladly post your "whatever-you-call-it". - Sep 04 2006
Carmella KDM

KDM3 Themes by phxguy 31 comments

ok, youve talked me in to it. I figure within the next 100 years with enough budget from all sorts of pro moral institutions we can actually reduce internet porn by... maybe 3%.

Good luck ;) - Sep 01 2006
Kind'a Orange Kubuntu

KDE Plasma Screenshots by plasmatron 6 comments

Thank you for your comment and
also for your suggestion on the
iconset. I'll give it a try, it
looks great!

And let me tell you that i'm honored
to have received such "critic" from
a contributor as brilliant and
known as yourself.

thanks again! - Jul 28 2006

Wallpaper Other by mdksdc 4 comments

Hey man that wallp is amazing!
Where did you get the original image (the one that's on the background)?
Did you take that pic?


Keep up the good work and thx! - Jul 27 2006
xp kdm-theme

KDM3 Themes by mfriedrichs 31 comments

I don't understand... aren't we trying to make it different? aren't we trying to make a stand? windows sucks and we are still trying to imitate it? sorry, buy I don't get it! haven't we made at least one step forward? Don't get me wrong, your art is good, but its the concept underneath it which makes me sick. - Jan 10 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by jsrana 14 comments

What should one say about a program that not only promises to work but also delivers? EXCELENT! Congratulations on succeeding there where others have failed miserably. - Dec 31 2005
XMMS Skin - SeaMaster

XMMS Skins by ArbitraryReason 12 comments

Great work man!
My XMMS never looked better!

BTW, what icon set are you using?

keep up the good work! - Nov 14 2005
Lo simple puede ser bello...

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Tenerife 8 comments

Very good work!
I share your opinion, simple can be beatiful, and you have made your point with facts.

Please, describe what you hace, how you configured it and where is it available (if there is).

Cheers and congratulations,


Muy buen trabajo!
Comparto tu opinion, lo simple puede ser bello, y lo has demostrado con hechos.

Por favor, describenos lo que tienes, dinos como lo has configurado y donde
lo has conseguido.

Saludos y felicitaciones - Nov 08 2005
Black'n White Flat Dream

KDE Plasma Screenshots by plasmatron 5 comments

Ok, you can use the following link:

Happy Space Cowboying! - Oct 31 2005
Black'n White Flat Dream

KDE Plasma Screenshots by plasmatron 5 comments

Thx for your comment.
Font for desktop is space cowboy,
you will find it running a search here, in kde-look. - Oct 23 2005
Black'n White Flat Dream

KDE Plasma Screenshots by plasmatron 5 comments

The konsole at the top is tilda, a kind of kuake-yakuake drop-down command line. - Oct 22 2005