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Stanislav Platonov Moscow, Russian Federation

Qt Widgets by dzimiwine 38 comments

I try to build QIron on QT 4.6.1 with Visual Studio 2005 compiler.
Your classes are defined in a namespace, but MOC generator generates *.moc files which uses your classes without this namespace qualifier. So, when these moc files are compled, the compiler shows the errors like: 'blah-blah is not a class or namespace name' (for example for QIrBreadCrumBar class and others)
Can you tell me how to fix this problem?
Thank you. - Mar 12 2010

Qt Widgets by kernelchaos 6 comments

Sorry, i mean:
QWidgetBackingStore::endPaint() erases the content of window by somewhat reasons.
So the widget is frequently shows/hides..
Have anyone tested this application? - Jun 30 2009

Qt Widgets by kernelchaos 6 comments

The application has a bug!
The windows are flicking too fast.. It is possible that it was problem with backbuffer. In debug mode, the content of window is erased on backingstorage::endPaint() (on flush())
Can anyone fix it? - Jun 30 2009