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Copy full path

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Aug 24 2013
Do you really refuse to acknowledge the utility of this service?

You still have to open the terminal view in Dolphin. Yes, using that does prevent step 1a (notice I did not make it step 2). I often have to paste filepaths into apps other than a terminal. Are you going to suggest that everyone be bound by the limits of *your* use patterns and imagination? - Aug 25 2013
So, you don't like the license, but why do you persist, suggesting this service is without value?

Your way:
1. Open a terminal.
1a. Arrange terminal window and Dolphin so you can access the file for selection and drag.
2. Drag file to terminal window.
3. Select "Paste location" option from the popup dialog.
4. Select the location in terminal.
5. Copy the selected text. (May depend on user's clipboard settings.)


1. Right-click on file in Dolphin.
2. Select "Copy full path" from service menu.

It's no contest. - Aug 25 2013
"right click , properties , location => double click copy path"

Not available here, the location is the parent folder. - Aug 25 2013
This is very useful! Allows quick two step copying of filepath within Dolphin. Also interacts with Klipper's clipboard actions if enabled.

I like it. - Aug 25 2013