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miguel rodriguez

Icon Sub-Sets by pleomax 1 comment

You only unpack the archive an copy to /usr/share/icons
In gnome-shell you after can use "gnome-tweak-tool" and can change your icon theme by this. - Oct 26 2011

Various Gnome Stuff by pleomax 4 comments

At this moment, gnome-shell have a new version 2.31. This theme has been tested in gnome-shell 2.29 on debian machine I have test every entry in the ccs. file, and i observe that make effect when i try to change any value of colour or change of logo debian ( made for me ) very bad sorry.
This theme has been released in base at the oficial theme that have debian installation and some theme that have here and other pages, only a fews entrys. - Nov 06 2010

Various Gnome Stuff by pleomax 4 comments

Caution YOU MUST BE A BACKUP OF YOUR FILE before you overwrite it. - Nov 06 2010