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Paul Anonymous

Openbox Themes by pllb 7 comments

Here is my conky stuff. Please note I have trayer in the top left corner so you may have to adjust the width of conky to fit the length of your screen. - Dec 14 2008

Openbox Themes by pllb 7 comments

Yes, it is tint task manager =) - Dec 14 2008

Fluxbox Themes by pllb 3 comments

Ya I didn't really want to use MS fonts either and I was looking for some nice free fonts that weren't to big or too small and just gave up after a short while. I lack patience what can I say =) - Apr 05 2008

Fluxbox Themes by vermaden 11 comments

I see your themes all over the forums...about time they showed up here =) - Oct 22 2007

Openbox Themes by IstrikeAgain 2 comments

What fonts are those? =) - Oct 19 2007

Fluxbox Themes by pllb 2 comments

avantgarde LT Medium

you can easily find it via google...can't post the link here - Sep 28 2007