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Peter Mitchell , Australia
oo.o ikde icon theme

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Jan 18 2006
Hi. I should have mentioned that N P eventually picked up this message and contacted me, so I was happily able to get the information I needed. PS I realised later it wasn't smart to put an email address out there, but no harm has been done. Scammers don't visit kde-look - Feb 13 2006
Anyone know how to get in touch with Nuno Pinheiro? I would love to get in contact with Nuno, on behalf of users of NeoOffice, the OS X-native version of I've tried through here, and at, and had no answer. If someone could let him know my email at, I'd appreciate it. - Dec 24 2005
These are terrific. Well done. I like the crystal look very much, and am hoping for a few more to fill the set:
data-first, data-last, data-previous, data-next
form-date-field [or a "date/calendar" icon]
graphics-align-bottom. graphics-align-left, etc
insert-applet, insert-ole
"slide" icons eg 'slide-show"
fax or send-fax
group, and ungroup

Will there be a follow-up with more icons for OOo? - Nov 21 2005

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Mar 12 2007
I agree. I like what I see, but I've downloaded the icon file for use with an open source project on os x, and I have folders with a few icons and lots of 4KB "alias" files. Does anyone know where I can get a full set of real icons? - Jan 03 2006