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Plasma Themes 7 comments

Score 74.0%
Aug 23 2017
I'll be brutally honest: I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm aware for some time now, that the theme is somewhat broken, as I actually do use it even to this day.
But back when I made this theme, I just took Naked theme and set opacity to 0% in InkScape. But that also broke through time, so the ext one was made with QTStep script, where again opacity was set to 0%. And as you've noticed, this also broke. I thought I fixed, this but apparently not.
So I wish I knew how to fix this permanently, I mean as you wrote best to not delete any elements, but just set the opacity to 0%, so I guess my best bet is to just edit the Breeze theme (as it's default) and set opacity to 0%...
I'm thinking the best thing to do is not to even bother with InkScape, or other WYSWYG editors, bbut just edit the svg files as text... - May 05 2020
That's strange, because I'm using Arch as my main and only desktop, and haven't had any problems (yet). - Sep 18 2017
Well most of you probably know that this theme isn't working on KDE<4.3.
I know that and I've been meaning to repair that for quite some time, just didn't found time to do it yet...
But I promise that I will.
I do miss this theme my self it was so minimalistic.
There are few themes that are similar to this one, but I didn't found any of them to do exactly what I wish for completely transparent theme... - Feb 04 2010
Thanks! I appreciate that you like the theme.
I'll consider the proposals that you made.
I just want to know what's wrong with the clock. OK it's not really a eye-candy, but I feel that it does the job intended.
I thought that a nice and simple clock will be best for the such a bare theme like this one.
Anyway any feedback is welcome and I'll see what I can do about things.

The reason why I changed the pager is that I feel that Aya's pager (the one I used in 2,0) is really cool as it looks like a tab to me...
Maybe I'll try to build on that notion or maybe I'll just revert it back.
I'll see. - Feb 27 2009
I wish to know why are some down-voting this theme. So I can if the reasons are reasonable change the theme for the better.
Every critique is welcomed! - Feb 14 2009
I agree that the clock is too dark and will work on that. - Feb 05 2009
Sorry for that, I prefered to have a normal notes, but I decided to change back to how Naked makes them it's more in pair with the whole theme... - Jan 24 2009
KDE4.2RC1 (4.1.96)
Kubuntu. - Jan 21 2009
Also could someone be willing enough to make a review of this theme. I'm curious to see what most people think of it.
I see that it's not the most popular, but I understand that my first rookie theme can't become the best theme of all just because id the first with almost totally transparent panels.

thanks to anyone that will decide to make an review. Even if the review will say that it generally sucks. Only that he or she gives enough reasons why. - Jan 20 2009
Interesting, but I have no idea what your talking about...
I made this theme on pure trial and error.
And I don't know how it works fine for me and not for the others.
And yes I when I'll decide to take this theme to the next level I will need all the help I need.
Or at least I would like a bit of help turning the Lancelot part completely transparent which is my long term objective.
Also I did thought about making a panel background that would mimic the mac os dock just to see if it can be done (I'm not really a big fan of Apple, just curious if I can make the same thing as they can). - Jan 20 2009
Did you try the "hack"? it in "new" package.
You'll probably need to download it again.
And then copy paste the panel-background from Bare_Naked to Bare_Naked/Widgets.
Please report if it works.

Also could you see if you have desktop effects enabled and if transparency is also enabled

If not you still can open the panel-background in Inkscape and increase the overlay (I think I'm not sure if that's correct translation) to that amount that you get your panel back The original has it set to 1% and the hack to 10%. So try 25%. I know that I should do that for you, but only you have this problem...
I really can't know when will it work.
Thanks for being so interested in these theme.
I'll try to make it even better in future! - Jan 20 2009
Try to log out and back in...
What version of KDE do you use?
I have 4.2.

Could you please add an top panel and report if that one is visible.
If your top panel is visible I guess I made bottom panel too transparent.

You could open your_KDE_directory/share/apps/desktopthemes/Bare_Naked/
and open panel background in Inkscape.
In Inkscape you change filling and border
... (But that is my job not yours, but since you're only one to report it and If you really want this theme I can post a "hack" for you so that your panel is visible. - Jan 20 2009
Score 74.0%
Oct 21 2018
This is a pretty great widget. One thing I'd like to see in the future is that you could see the upgrade progress, either by just opening console to show pacman, or in a window or even within widget. - Aug 27 2017

Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

Score 82.7%
Apr 25 2013
Man how could I over look that? - Nov 12 2010
Of course:
<menu menu="MainMenu/kate"/>
<menu label="Desktop">
<action label="Stop Plasma" exec="kquitapp plasma-desktop"/>
<action label="Toggle FX" dbus="session;org.kde.kwin;/KWin;org.kde.KWin;toggleCompositing"/>
<action label="Edit Menu" exec="kate $HOME/.kde4/share/apps/XBar/MainMenu.xml"/>
<menu label="Shortcuts">
<action label="Konqueror" exec="konqueror">
<action label="Dolphin" exec="dolphin">
<action label="Writer" exec="soffice -writer">
<action label="Calc" exec="soffice -calc">
<action label="Kate" exec="kate">
<action label="Konzola" exec="konsole">
<action label="System Settings" exec="systemsettings">
</menubar> - Nov 12 2010
I'm trying to get more than one menu on XBar, but when I add another
<menu></menu> my whole XBar menu disappears. I have no idea why is that. - Nov 11 2010
Yes it really is that!
Thanks! - Jan 13 2009
Yeah it seems that this is something with a distro...
I found cmake under KDE4 apps...
And there is no KDE4Int.cmake
So I guees I'll go to Kubuntu forums and ask what to do...
Do I report the outcome? - Jan 12 2009
OK it feels like I'm getting to the source of the problem...
The cmake demands KDE4Internal.cmake, but I cannot find it using Dolphin/find. - Jan 11 2009
Sorry for even more problems, but make uninstall dosen't seem to work.
First I thought that thats because I haven't installed the bespin, but it is installed or at least the widget style.
make uninstall gives this signal:
make: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'. Stop.
- Jan 09 2009
Sorry about this but now the problem is in:

And I think that the previous problem is solved by it self:
KDE4_DATA_DIR usr/share/kde4/apps
KDE4_KDECONFIG_EXECUTABLE /usr/bin/kde4-config

I guess I'm to blame (or maybe the Kubuntu)
As I was installing ccmake and qmake and other lib very erratically, so things have changed a bit...
(But I'm not sure - you'll see)
again sorry for the all these problems - Jan 09 2009
kde-config points to:
kde4-config points to this folders:
- Jan 09 2009
Oh and I have qt4.4 - Jan 09 2009
When I install from SVN I can install only widget style nothing else...
Even tough that ccamke configuraqtion is set to Kwin yes and Xbar yes...
I have no idea why.
I'm using Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE4.2beta2.
- Jan 09 2009
Sabre-Toothed Tiger

Plasma Themes 20 comments

Score 70.0%
Mar 23 2009
I was trying to do the same thing with my theme called MaKos. But I had no idea how to really make it.
This is much more than I would ever thought of.
I like it. It even replaced my theme (Bare Naked) on my desktop.
Well I still use it for widgets as I prefer the "embedded" look. - Mar 06 2009

Plasma Themes 16 comments

by ireko
Score 70.0%
Jul 21 2009
I can also confirm that "everything" got lost, well really just both of my panels..
I don't think it's the problem in svgz...
My theme also had that problem because I used transparency instead of argb.
But I just checked it in Inkscape and that's not the case. To open it in Inkscape I rename it to svg and it still dosen't show my panels...
Strange. - Feb 11 2009
Parallax Usplash

Usplash Themes 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 08 2008
Thanks! - Feb 05 2009
I don't know the technical term, but I would like to see the words that are showing the progress of the bootload.
I tried to remove quiet but it dosen't work... - Jan 28 2009

Plasma Themes 14 comments

Score 81.1%
Nov 19 2008
This is one of the best themes here.
Just if you would add theme for Quick access and Lancelot and it would be perfect!
(You'll probably will)
- Jan 09 2009
My fancy KDE 4.1 desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 29 2008
(even though I'm from Slovenia for sake of others I'll post this in English)
I want to know how did you get the "si and the flag" on the panel I can't get it.
Thanks in advance. - Nov 28 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 42 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 05 2008
Stupid question, but I had bad experience
with this before.
Can i put pretty task on panel, or is this an stand alone widget. - May 02 2008
Score 74.0%
9   Aug 27 2017

Full Icon Themes
by C0D

Score 77.3%
3   Jan 03 2011