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Phil Schwartz

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Aug 31 2005
Thanks for the positive comments!

I'm not a KDevelop user (I use Xemacs). However, if somebody wants to integrate ReleaseForge w/ another project (such as KDevelop) I might be interested. - Aug 01 2005
Good news... this will be implemented in 0.9.1-- I'm just finishing up a few items.

As of now, a table will appear with the release name, id and a combobox with Hidden/Active values. You can manually toggle the combobox values individually or select as many as you wish with the mouse and press the "Hide Selected" or "Activate Selected" buttons.

As of now, you cannot edit the release names, just the comboboxes. In the future, I may allow the prior as well, but I'll holdoff until I get some feedback from others. - Jul 14 2005
Thanks for the kind words. I'll put it on the todo list.

Phil - Jun 13 2005
Fixed. The link now points to the current version.

Phil - Jun 13 2005