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Joseph Lappin Seattle, United States of America

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I didn't know that a mere iconset would result in this quasi uninformed political debate. If people want to place the blame on communism, then you better not look to Soviet states or states using the Marxist-Leninist political model. Those states aren't communist.

Marxist doctrine states that after revolution, when the bourgeoisie is overthrown by the proletariat, then a "dictatorship of the proletariat" is enacted. This dictatorship is responsible for laying down the groundrules of the Soviets, electing officials, and redistributing wealth from the leftover bourgeoisie class, as well as nationalizing privately held land and factories.

Then in theory, the state is supposed to wither away and die as the bureaucracy is no longer required to oversee citizen's every day lives, and government is handled exclusively by local soviets. Thus communism, or rather anarcho-communism. However, this process never has happened before in the history of world "communism". The dictatorship of the proletariat has always turned into a dictatorship of one. Fascism, despotism, totalitarianism, autocracy.

Lenin died before he could oversee the process of the state's withering away, and Stalin succeeded him and became a gluttonous and paranoid despot.

However, imperialism, capitalism and globalization have always and will continue to exploit the common people for the benefit of the rich and enabled minority. This is true in all Western countries, and I still believe that one day there will be a correct and righteous socialist revolution that will lead to true communism and world peace despite history's many abortions of such a state. - Mar 11 2007