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Louis Lastname

Wallpaper Other by corrupt 2 comments

Great work, love it. - Jun 05 2008
Light Room

Wallpaper Other by siwy78 9 comments

I actually changed the hue on this one to green for the hell of it, still looks lovely :D - Apr 18 2008
Mint Kore for Emerald

Compiz Themes by Kadano1 5 comments

I like how polished this looks, even if it doesn't actually use any of the fancy transparency everyone else does with compiz themes.

Might want to repackage though - if you create a .tar.gz with the files inside (no folder), then rename it to a .emerald it will load in the theme manager automatically. - Apr 08 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes by perfectska04 7 comments

Nice work :)

Go the wise variation, love the green. - Apr 08 2008

Compiz Themes by freax 29 comments

Love the fact that this goes with almost any gtk theme just fine.

Looks particularly great with a dark one though. - Feb 07 2008