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Dario Ruellan La Plata, Argentina
GTK2 Themes
Dust-Macchiato Semicompact

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Jan 23 2009
Mmm I'm not sure if this is possible on actual version of Murrine. You can wrote the suggestion to SpecKtacle, the original author. - Jan 25 2009
This line belongs to the toolbar, that by default get "raised". - Jan 25 2009
Yes, you can add douse properties on the gtkrc file:

GtkMenuBar::shadow-type = GTK_SHADOW_NONE
GtkToolbar::shadow-type = GTK_SHADOW_NONE

gtkmenubar works well and looks nice, but gtktoolbar is not working as expected. Perhaps SpecKtacle can take a look into this. - Jan 24 2009
Thanks and yep, sounds like a nice idea. I have a small list of themes that look great on the eeePC and worth a little tweak to better suit small screens. - Jan 22 2009
Thank you very much for this comment, SpecKtacle, glad to hear you approve my little intrusion on your work :)
There are still some details I want to fix when I get spare time. Combo boxes, for example, are still too big for my taste, but form controls are difficult to handle.
About Dust, yeah, they mix perfectly, but John's metacity is so damn good that fits on almost any theme ;) - Jan 22 2009
Yup! What a nasty error, changing it now! Thanks! - Jan 21 2009
Shiki-Human Semicompact

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Dec 31 2008
Thanks! I've made the conversion just for use on my own 1000H :) I must update it since Shiki is now Murrine-only.

BTW, another Semicompact conversion here: - Jan 21 2009