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Serban Costinescu
Intrigue Icon Set

Full Icon Themes 55 comments

Score 53.3%
Apr 20 2008
What program did you use, Inkscape? - Nov 11 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 87 comments

by p0z3r
Score 50.0%
Mar 21 2006
Is it a way to have the disk space displayed in GB and not in MB? If there isn't it should be implemented and should become the default for the disk sensor. It's stupid nowadays to display the disk space in MB when a HDD of 100+ GB it's a usual thing. - Oct 03 2005
the icon is just fine now :) - Jul 09 2005
I've just installed the 3.7 RC1 version and I have to say that it's a big step forward. No more ugly icon, not to mension the great feature of hiding it (the systray icon).
Keep up the good work! - Jul 08 2005
Systemtray icons should have all the same dimension. That's what I wanted to say. - Jul 08 2005
that' great news. anyway, one more thing: i would sugest to make it a standard 22x22, not 24x24 as it is now. systemtray icons should have all the dimensions. - Jul 04 2005
The problem I have with the icon it's not that is a bomb, but its LOW quality. An application which is meant to provide eycandy for the desktop has the worst systemtray icon. That's a big drawback.
Why putting a *.xpm icon instead of a *.png? - Jun 01 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 74 comments

Score 46.0%
Oct 01 2004
I guess you just forgot this:
"To build the icon set run the included buildscript (./buildscript)."
My advice is to check out the README file. - Aug 21 2005
That's definitely great news. - Jul 24 2005
I've tried to do so but my time is very limited so I don't know if I'll ever manage to finish it up. Anyway I think a complex task like this needs a well organized aproach. First it's necessary a list with all the devices, filesystems, mimetypes and actions present by default on a KDE system and another one with the apps which are used more often. Then every entry in the lists got to have its match with a sugestive icon. - Jul 08 2005
I like very much this iconset (I've voted good). I like the ideea of photorealistic, but there is a drawback: inconsistency. Even if there are a lot of icons they don't cover well the needs of the the system so will result a combination of these icons with the system default ones which generates an overall non-polished aspect. - Jun 19 2005
mac like slack

KDE Plasma Screenshots 25 comments

Score 50.0%
May 09 2005
Your desktop looks great. I don't understand why you've got such a low score. - Jun 01 2005