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Jose Palazuelos
ubuntu natty Wbackground

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mmachado53 4 comments

I am not agree, in first place because the name of the site says gnome, and ubuntu use it, so ubuntu users are in fact gnome users, but maybe the majority of them doesn't even know.
And second I never seen a rule that says Ubuntu artwork isn't permitted, I didn't even know that there was a page for Ubuntu users, I been here for years looking for eye-candy for my Ubuntu.

It looks like gnome-look has some conservative users because it is older than the Ubuntu distro, all changes could cause fear. Maybe this is one.

If you have the link for any rule that this art is broking please let me know.

A better comment for justifying your vote could be because you just don't like it. - Apr 20 2011
9   Apr 20 2011