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Jan 09 2010
You are welcome. Thanks for cheering me on, I usually get bug reports or feature requests ;)

This release focuses on bug fixes and usability improvements.

It is hard to believe how many issues I found trying it on another (dual-core) laptop.

I think that once Undo/Redo works 100% and I found and fixed some more bugs I have reached 2.0.0.

Varol :) - Aug 07 2009
Are you sure xine is showing the correct length. The reason is that I know that xine-lib has issues determining the correct length of mpeg / ac3 and some other formats.

ffmpeg ( I.e. MPlayer ) is much better in telling the length of a video.

You can change the used backend under [Tools -> Setup -> Media Engine]

Setting it to QMPlayerWidget will most likely result in better values but will also be a bit slower.

Hope that helps.

Varol :) - Dec 22 2008

yep Wall-e is a great movie. A bit cheesy but real nice.

Also I hope that by ow you got yourself a hot version of 1.6.1, as this solves some general issues plus it makes it easier to build and install :)

Varol :) - Dec 18 2008
I am on it.

Currently downloading 2008.1 and will install on VirtualBox.

Varol :) - Nov 30 2008
I have not encountered this issue, but then I have not created such a large DVD in a long time.

Can you transcode the input files on the command line okay ?

If that is the case, then it might be the buffer in the Qt widget is not as scalable as I expected. - Sep 28 2008
Make sure your MediaBackend is set up correctly [ Tools->Setup ].

It works like a charm on my Computr.

Varol :) - Mar 28 2008
I fixed this issue yesterday and submitted a patch to dvd-slideshow.

Varol :) - Mar 28 2008
Oh but it does. It'll use the default KDE file dialogs if in KDE. I am also detecting the Desktop directory used by KDE.
- Oct 07 2007
Thank you,

I fixed this in the code so the next release should take this into account.

Varol :) - May 06 2007
Hey, you have the same distro I am using.

In general you can send me the file created through [ Tools -> Feedback ... ]

However for this problem you should be fine simply deleting

Let me know how it stacks up against GFD. I saw the program on VideoHelp and it seems as powerful as QDVDAuthor.

- Mar 07 2007

thank you again for your help. The fix is in CVS and as soon as SourceForge's shell access is up again I'll update the progress page.

Also I am pushing for the first release candidate which I want to release the coming week. - Feb 23 2007
No, you would have to get the video on HD first.

Varol :) - Nov 26 2006

thank you. You are using the MPlayerWidget as the MediaBackend, right ?

I found an issue with the quering of the values for audio and fixed it.

Adding an audio file is now instantanously.

Varol :) - Nov 10 2006

I have not touched the slideshow part in months / years. I could never find the time to properly fix all outstanding issues.

This is bad and good. Bad in the sense that QSlideshow is a mess.
Good in that I focused on the main functionality of QDVDAuthor.

I have big plans for the slideshow part (and for QDVDAuthor for that matter). When I make the jump to Qt 4.2 I will def. rewrite QSlideshow from scratch.

I am pretty experienced with OpenGL as well and will add OpenGL support for transitions etc. Though Qt's new rendering engine does a pretty good job in offering all types of freedom (incl SVG support)

I am planing to provide a very, very simple way for the user to add all media (Video, audio, images and shorts from the digital camera) and have QDVDAuthor create a full blown DVD with chapter menus etc. I hope by the time this is all working we will have some 100+ templates available.

Anyhow, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Stay tuned,

Varol :) - Nov 08 2006

try adding
#include <stdlib.h>

at the top of that file and re-compile

Varol - Oct 08 2006

configurator will find libvlc.a and add those libs to the dependencies (as they are needed on SuSE 9.2).

Currently this is very static since I only recently found a way to compile VLC libs in.

Varol Okan :) - Sep 18 2005
The message tells me that you do not have neither moc nor qmake in your path.

You should install qt-devel and set QTDIR.

Or if qt-devel is installed then include the bin directory into your path so configure can find moc and qmake.

Ps. Try the latest source from CVS. It has a ton of changes over the 0.0.10 code base. - Sep 18 2005
The problem is most likely your mpeg file but I also heared of this problem due to an old dvdauthor.

Try to use the latest dvdauthor version first as this is the easiest solution (0.6.11)

Varol Okan :) - Feb 18 2005
I changed the minimum requirement back to Qt 3.1 for your pleasure.

I did also fix some other minor bugs in the compile process.

I hope it'll work now for you.

- Nov 09 2004
I increased to Qt 3.2 only because of the GUIs I create with designer.

There is no technical reason why 3.1 should not work with some twisting the *.ui files.

But you can simply d/l the latest Qt library and install in a local folder, set the QTDIR and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment and compile. That should do the trick. - Nov 02 2004

you can disable the GUI by providing the appropriate input to configure.

please check out
> configure --help

Also there have been a ton of bug fixes which will be included in 0.0.8 (coming soon) - Oct 28 2004