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ashton l
Ubuntu's new claws

Wallpapers Ubuntu by quidpro 3 comments

Hey thanks. You're exactly right regarding the trans terminal. Irony is I used a trans terminal to rid the desktop of the icons (since it has that effect) and took a screenshot that way. I noticed how hard it was to read the second I did it...

I don't like the way the logo works either, as far as using the colors from the desktop. And I'd rather the big paw print was either more subtle or smaller or something. I think I'd like it back to the way it was, with the traditional colors, before I started messing with transparencies. The badger itself I kind of like. She is only white and black, so I guess I'm not understanding the monotone advice. I tried to add some shadows...maybe I should get rid of those?

So yeah, I pretty much uploaded something I'm unsatisfied with. Don't know why. Perhaps just to force me to mess with it more! - Apr 25 2005