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Window Applets

Gnome Extensions by holodeck 376 comments

I made some changes to two parts of the functionality for my own purposes:
1. If you click the unmaximize button while the maximized window isn't active it will make the window active while unmaximizing it. This seems to be the default behaviour of the normal unmaximize button.
2. I made it so that it hides the buttons individually rather than just hiding the whole applet when using "Hide buttons when no maximized window is active". This seems to make the applet take up no panel space when hidden, rather than leaving an empty gap. (for example: I can then have the applet at the far right of the panel, set my remaining applets a pixel or two off the right hand side, and then when I do have a maximized window it pushes the remaining applets to the left, and when I don't have a maximized window, it will shrink and the other applets get to use the space)

See the following diff if either of these changes seem viable. (I've probably broken the tabstops due to text editor settings, and sorry if my changes are badly implemented.) - Dec 01 2009

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