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McMojave LAF

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Jul 09 2020
I have the same issue with a clean installation of Archlinux,and the theme installed manually recover on Github :)

Do you have the same behavior? Perhaps linked to the too recent KDE Arch version? - Apr 10 2020
After a clean installation of Archlinux KDE then installation of the McMojave theme via the "global theme" section and reboot, here is the result:
Only GTK applications fully address the McMojave theme :o

With the Dark Breeze theme activated, here is the result: - Apr 10 2020
I have had this error from the start, so more than a week. I will try on a blank virtual machine to see. Do you have a "McMojave" entry in "application style"?

I'm on Archlinux so with a really up-to-date version of KDE. - Apr 09 2020
Some apps continue to have Breeze theme buttons. In the panel "style of the application" if I select "Fusion" the buttons change well.
Would a "McMojave" entry in this section solve the problem?

I have the impression that GTK applications do not have this problem! - Apr 09 2020
10 the best - Apr 03 2020
Since the version of 03/28, the installation via the system configuration works perfectly! The theme appears well in the "Global theme" section. Thank you :)

Simple question, how to get the same rendering for Dolphin as in the first screenshot above? ;) - Apr 02 2020
These are installed perfectly through the system configuration!
Thank you very much for your help :) - Mar 24 2020
Does the Git version not contain everything like the one we install from the "Global theme" section? - Mar 24 2020
I reinstalled my Archlinux entirely and installed the theme via Git only. It appeared in "Global Theme" and during its application I have the impression that the icons are missing: - Mar 23 2020
You mean you have to install the theme while being with the NVIDIA GPU active? Or in hybrid mode (desktop on iGPU and active GPU)? - Mar 22 2020

First of all thank you for this superb theme! :)

I encounter a slight problem during its installation on both Manjaro and Archlinux, it is the same as paulie420! Once installed it does not appear in the "Global theme" section ...

Installation via Git unfortunately doesn't change anything.

An idea ? - Mar 22 2020
Mojave CT icons

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Jul 07 2020
Thank you for this superb icon pack ! :)

I noticed that there were no icons for the tmp folder ? - Apr 03 2020
McMojave LAF

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by vinceliuice

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Apr 03 2020
McMojave LAF

Global Themes
by vinceliuice

Score 78.6%
10   Apr 03 2020
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