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My Suse 9.3 Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by charly62 3 comments

But that is the beauty of an almost infinitly configurable OS.

You make it the way you want it. - Nov 16 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by qwerty 5 comments

When you realize that prayer didn't stop the plague, that the earth revolves around the sun, that dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds, that there are hundreds of references to how to take care of your slave in the bible, that there are thousands of conflicting religious beliefs held passionately and unshakably by hundreds of millions of people, you will fall to your knees.

When you realize that almost all religions tell you that you aren't very important, and that the work you do is, when you realize that jesus said love the least of you as you do me, and so we should be washing the feet of garbage pickers in Rio, when you realize life isn't a contest to get others to see the world from your little dark corner, you will fall on your knees.

May the lord buddha shut your mouth, and may holy zarathustra open your heart. Or yaweh or shiva or the texts of the sikh gurus or mohammed or the talmud or b. young or bubba free john or maharaji or

There is no way to peace, peace is the way. - Aug 15 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by qwerty 5 comments

And she saw that science
is better than dogma
just as peace is
better than war. - Aug 14 2005
Unconstitutional USA.

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Wonderful, please continue to add art and information to your and our life. All art is political. All of it. Study art. Study politics, study studying.

we are not smart enough because we have been dumbed down. Pretty pretty sunsets say something. They say those somethings on many levels. A sunset image _is_ about the ecology of a planet, it _is_ about social relations. What are the historical meanings of flowers? What is happy?

You people are cutting edge. You are at the forefront of technology and culture. Linux and networks is about sunsets and healthcare. Figure out how they interact with each other and we have the beginnings of culture.

Don't let thinking become a dirty word.

Don't be dumbed down. - Aug 12 2004
Linux Time Again

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Can you tell me where the clock is from?

To the site and for those of you who have posted, and know (or care) what I'm talking about. I ask:

Por favor, pode você dizer-me porque o "texto deve estar em inglês" é sua demanda e não um pedido simples "uma tradução inglesa seria muito útil a nossos visores na maior parte unilingual?" - Dec 01 2003
Peace Love linux

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The peace symbol originated with the nuclear disarament movement in britain in the fifties. It is the semaphore symbol for 'N' and the semaphore symbol for 'D' overlayed together. It has grown over the years to represent all peace, and all peace movements. The circle is integral to the original design.
is useful showing the full alphabet.

Why are they blurred? - Oct 05 2003