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Rael Cunha
Veromix - volume control / soundmenu

Plasma 4 Extensions by nik3nt3 269 comments

I'm using Kubuntu 12.04 LTS with KDE ppa backports, and I'm glad to use veromix.

Just found 3 minor issues:

1 - after resume from suspend, the icon on systray got frozen, and is no more updated.

2 - I opened a VirtualBox VM and then switch to host to increase the volume on veromix: the tooltip stopped to be refreshed too (got frozen too).

3 - The "Apply" button in the veromix settings is always disabled. - May 16 2013
Ubuntu One Dolphin Plugin

Dolphin Service Menus by ShanQful 32 comments

On KDE 4.10, this is copying to the clipboard the file path, and not the UbuntuOne publishing URL.

This is the clipboard content that I published just now:

file:///home/rael/Downloads/Add group-error.jpg - Mar 27 2013