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Raeth Raeth
I like the RedHat cursors very much.

I made this theme installable (as opposed to copying folders) by decompressing, putting the files in a folder, then compressing that folder. - Jan 17 2006

GTK2 Themes by roberTO21 14 comments

Very nice! I like the way it's minimalistic, but has some chunkiness to it, so it doesn't feel flimsy like most 'minimalistic' themes do.

Slower than Clearlooks, but not too bad. - Jan 05 2006

GTK2 Themes by gashcrumb 5 comments

I like it, but it has way too much padding for me to use it practically. - Oct 16 2005
Water Vapor

GTK2 Themes by monchichi 75 comments

Sorry, I got this theme mixed with another- The colours aren't mixed up. - Oct 09 2005
Water Vapor

GTK2 Themes by monchichi 75 comments

Looking good here. I like the graphics used, though they seem to make it rather slower than other themes.

Menu and other colours seem to be off slightly, which are probably due to it being unfinished. - Oct 08 2005
Dark Alloy GTK 2

GTK2 Themes by gashcrumb 10 comments

Very cheesy, messy, and hard to see.

A cheap bevel filter on every graphic does not make for the best aesthetics. - Oct 08 2005

Kopete Styles by neptune3k 49 comments

Lovely and smooth theme here. - Oct 06 2005
KDE Professional UltraFlat

Icon Sub-Sets by RedHyena 11 comments

From the screenshots, they're looking very slick. - Oct 06 2005
Dr. Evil-Linux

Wallpaper Other by Galion 22 comments

Good wallpaper, but the text and Tux you added are very tackily... tacked on.

1. Try anti-aliasing.
2. White jaggies don't look good. - Oct 04 2005

Graphic Apps by boud 38 comments

I like the PSP-like interface, but there seems to be no pressure-sensivity support for tablets, which is vital for any decent graphics editor. - Sep 21 2005
Ruler Preview

GTK2 Themes by FireClown 3 comments

What inspired you to use toothpaste-coloured green?

Alternatively known as "surgical" green, being used in hospital-fabric.

I'd recommend a more ergonomic grass-green, or at least add more yellow. - Aug 08 2005
Smoked Glass v0.9.5

GTK2 Themes by kerrle 61 comments

That is a very polished looking theme, though I'm not fond of that shade of blue. - Jul 30 2005

Cursors by tinic 20 comments

Lovely cursors, I always like a black cursor with a shadow.

I'd like to see the busy animation sped up though, or smoothened - Jul 19 2005