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Rafael Amador Galvan
KeramikBlue Lilo Bootscreen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by optikSmoke 5 comments

your howto is wrong the howto displayed in the link of [howo install] is the splash screen of kde splash screen or "ksplash" and i don't know how to install a lilo boot screen
- Jul 19 2002
RedHat Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by DiegoN 3 comments

Sabes, no me gusta del todo tu splash screen pienso que esta muy simple para ser una pantalla de splash siento que uns pantalla de splash debe de ser sobretodo muy impresionante. y siento que lo tuyo es una copia (corrigeme si lo digo es falso).

Okay, i don't like at all your splash screen, i think that your splash is very simple to be a splash screen , and i think so that your work is a copy (say me if i'm wrong). - Jul 16 2002
If you can think of a title, post it!

Wallpaper Other by Guch 4 comments

go to you can improve your skills with the tutorials published there...

a comment : your message in the wallpaper is not original, think more how a marketing people or a publisher think something brillant or original the message is really bad. - Jul 12 2002
Red Hat Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by marccd 5 comments

the splash is good but i think that you would redesign the icons in the botton bar....

and i thibnk that redhat is the most stable linux. i believe that redhat is a pretty hard to configure. - Jul 11 2002
K colours 1024x768

Wallpaper Other by oovvaavvoo 11 comments

how you do it the K is a very hard technique ... maybe you would upload a tutorial.... your Wall paper is fresh and nice (clean too). - Jul 11 2002
Crystal Redhat Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by SeanParsons 12 comments

your wallpaper looks nice. the blue one is excellent. Red Hat 4ever!!! - Jul 11 2002
Crystal Redhat Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by SeanParsons 12 comments

your RH wallpaper is cool the effect of marble with a ligthing is very good , but i have a 1 objection the word hat is black and background is black too. i think that you would change the colour to white or another colour. - Jul 09 2002
New style 'Different'

Various Stuff by renoken 57 comments

your style is downloadable ?????

because the download link go to a screenshot - Jul 08 2002
Docked kppp icons

Icon Sub-Sets by KrAzY 10 comments

hi!, i follow your directions to install but but kppp don't chage , i heve KDE 2.2.1 if anyone can help help me ...

hola, yo segui todas la instrucciones para instalar los iconos de kppp pero simplemente no ocurrio nada, espero que alguien me pueda ayudar, de antemano les doy las gracias

sorry for my bad english - May 22 2002
Conectiva Crystal Theme Collection

Icon Sub-Sets by pablof77 16 comments

hmmm . i can't download the icons rthe links redirect me to jpg image . plz fix it???? - May 22 2002
iKons 0.6.4

Icon Sub-Sets by kborrey 44 comments

It's a very good set of icons, in my opinion es very similar to windoze XP in some aspects but in general is very nice man. Congratulations for your work!. - May 18 2002
*NEW* super fast kde startup

Various Stuff by tkaitchuck 20 comments

and the screenshots ???. plz upload any screenshot - May 18 2002