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David david
Firenze under snow

Wallpaper Other by mirtux 6 comments

L hai fatta da piazzale Michelangelo?
Bravo!Firenze è la città più bella del mondo.

-Have you got it from Michelandelo's square?
Good!Florence is the most beautifull city in the world.- - Jan 25 2006
Ambidexter Sapphire

Cursors by Maxilys 3 comments

It's simple great...but I use Slackware, and i've tried to install, but after i've run your script and i select your theme in the control center when i restart kde your theme doesn't work.
Can you make a slackware .tgz???
Or give me some help on hot make it work on my slackware...becouse your theme is fantastic...I want it!!! :-) - Jan 19 2006