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I forgot: you'll, of course, have to download the GIMP2Ps.tar.xz package first, which you'll extract in step 2. - Jul 27 2020
For those that tried to install this in Windows: it is a very easy copy paste operation.
Follow these steps:

1. Install a package manager that can extract "*.tar.xz" files (I did it with 7zip)
2. Once extracted, you'll have a GIMP2Ps folder. In that folder go into the subfolder "pslook-config"
3. Open another Windows Explorer window to the folder %appdata%\gimp
4. That folder has a subfolder "2.10". make a copy of that folder if you want to backup your original GIMP settings
5. Now go into the folder "2.10"
6. Copy all files and folders from the "pslook-config" folder to the "2.10" folder
7. Start GIMP, and you'll have the GIMP2Ps layout - Jul 27 2020
10 the best - Mar 30 2020
Hi Markospoko. First of all, excellent work!

Next, I have some info concerning the resize issue. I experienced it too on Ubuntu. The window resize button seems to disappear when the toolbox is too tall and its bottom falls outside of the screen. This can happen on screens where a 1-icon-wide toolbox doesn't fit the vertical size of the screen (due to its resolution). This seems to be default GIMP behaviour and is not related to your theme (I tested this with default GIMP settings too).
The fix is to resize the toolbox to 2 columns. Then it fits the screen and the window shows its resize button. - Mar 30 2020