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Raziel Diaz Mexico City, Mexico
Light Fish

Wallpaper Other by daveyboy 11 comments

And the background also was the best choice, looks so outstanding to me.

- Aug 07 2009
Beautiful Garden

Wallpaper Other by stitoargaiz 8 comments

Muy buena vista
- Aug 07 2009
Morning Iris

Wallpaper Other by daveyboy 6 comments

Good friends would never be forgotten, is nice to see your works again, gorgeous colors in this one my friend, and the frame also looks great, congratulations!¡¡¡ Great shot - Aug 07 2009
Chinatown in Tokyo

Wallpaper Other by stitoargaiz 2 comments

Se ve Majestuoso - Jun 18 2009

Wallpaper Other by stitoargaiz 2 comments

Se ve espectacular la panoramica. - Jun 18 2009
GTK Leopard

GTK2 Themes by eamon63 58 comments

sorry, I meant listing them - Jun 17 2009
GTK Leopard

GTK2 Themes by eamon63 58 comments

Nice trick I still laughin about =), altough i think is not the point, however, nice work, the only thing is not believable is the menu bar icons in your top right hand, to be honest.
You probably know this guy and some others, I don't know their names, but they have really nice menu bar icons, and if you don't know them they may help improve your work, the one that I know is called iAndrew or some like that and this is his his deviant page: just a suggestion, as I also used them when I had my Macbuntu clon, some of them you have to convert'em and scal'em and some are just ready.
The theme I'm using right now and I think is pretty nice is from CB2k and can be found here:
as well as this one from seanbarman:
Those are really great themes that I like a lot, and well, you surely know them, but I'm listening them just in case. Have a Good one buddy, and I hope you just come better and better everyday

- Jun 17 2009
Linux for Human Being

Wallpaper Other by mbz99 3 comments

Great!! - Jun 17 2009
GTK Leopard

GTK2 Themes by eamon63 58 comments

Well, I'm not a girl, LOL =)
And if you never got around gnome look, there's thousands of themes there are not the color you said, and if you got offended, believe me, I didn't try to do that, it was just a suggestion, I never said that you must do anything,
anyway everything's about freedom. We are in America, i don't know about you.

Greetings =)

- Jun 17 2009

Wallpapers Ubuntu by maria4955 7 comments

Muchas gracias que lo tomo de esa manera, siempre he creido que es peor mentir, y dar un punto de vista basado en la hipocresia por el simple hecho de caer bien, pero es muy bonito su proyecto e extraordinario por eso queria dar mi punto de vista honesto, y los grandes proyectos al principio siempre causan desconcierto, pero no quiere decir que sean malos, saludos y que persista siempre el arte creativo =) - Jun 17 2009
A Cheshire Kitten

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 2 comments

Great graphics - Jun 17 2009
UbuntuWow! (not really)

Wallpapers Ubuntu by hananias 10 comments

I really like both jobs, hope you guys still performing great works - Jun 17 2009
GTK Leopard

GTK2 Themes by eamon63 58 comments

I'm not gonna say that your work is bad, I believe you've been putting a lot a effort doing this, but I truly don't believe that this is wath makes linux or gnome better, I really apreciate all your creativity to make linux look like mac, but if you're realistic, you're looking just at the past, why don't you better look at the future, and put your great creativity into linux, that I feel, and as a ex Mac user, is better than Mac, Of course, I'm not pushing you to do anything that you don't want, anyway you're free to do wathever that you want, is just a point of view, as always.. Respect your work, have a good one. - Jun 17 2009

Wallpapers Ubuntu by szponzor 2 comments

Greatness!!! - Jun 17 2009

Wallpaper Other by szponzor 1 comment

thumbs up my friend, ;) - Jun 17 2009

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 6 comments

nice work, I've been voted good, your works are really nice, hope you keep them coming. - Jun 17 2009
Ubuntu black ice

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 5 comments

awesome my friend - Jun 17 2009
new ubuntu logo ?

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnnyg 8 comments

a different point of view, this is great, I like it ;) keep it going Friend - Jun 17 2009

GDM Themes by stitoargaiz 2 comments

Excelente panorama, de repente parece la torre de paris, hermosa toma - Jun 17 2009

GDM Themes by stitoargaiz 8 comments

siempre hace falta un poco de oscuridad ante tanta iluminacion ;) - Jun 17 2009
Windows Live aMSN 9

aMSN by crowhuman 5 comments

aunque deje de usar microsoft desde hace un buen rato pero esta chingon el clon bro.
Saludos. - Jun 14 2009
3D Red Blocks

Wallpaper Other by zafar88 2 comments

same as the other ones Mr. creativity....:/
You better stop stealing someone else's works please. - Jun 14 2009
3D Reflecting Cubes Box

Wallpaper Other by zafar88 8 comments

Nice trick, the better way to be a psychologist!! =) LOL!!!! - Jun 14 2009
3D Ubuntu Logo

Wallpapers Ubuntu by zafar88 2 comments

Sorry for that, but... Why are you redistributing someone else's work like if it was yours instead of redirecting to his proper website link or stuff??

Don't you think that you're disrespecting someone else's work?? for not saying this in another way. So, please, I think that feeling a little respect for others makes you a better human then being adored for something that you didn't make.
Greetings - Jun 13 2009
ubuntu is the key

Wallpapers Ubuntu by PatientX 1 comment

Great creativity in all of your works buddy, definitely it was a must to voted good.
- Jun 13 2009
Revitalized Wood 1024x600

Wallpaper Other by DnaX 3 comments

I agree with Anywhere, you have a really nice job, Why don't you better create instead of remake???, I bet you can come up with really nice stuff from your own.

Cheers - Jun 13 2009

Wallpapers Ubuntu by maria4955 7 comments

Esta muy lindo su trabajo, es demasiado agradable ver cosas nuevas y creativas, y bueno, solo como un punto de vista que quisiera se tomara como constructivo, tal vez ya esta uno acostumbrado a ver el logo estilizado, y en esta ocasion se me hace un poco robusto, pero bueno, es muy bonito e impresionante su trabajo, felicitaciones y saludos ;) - Jun 13 2009
Linux for Human Being

Wallpaper Other by mbz99 3 comments

Keep it up buddy, great graphics - Jun 13 2009
Dark Arctic Ice

Wallpaper Other by daveyboy 3 comments

Bright wonderfull original colors, thumbs up buddy!!! :) - Jun 05 2009

Gnome Screenshots by kai100 6 comments

I love the way the sphere looks like, very 3D. - Jun 02 2009
Another Distance

Gnome Screenshots by kai100 6 comments

What a great collection of desktops and stuff, all of them are great.Good job buddy. - May 31 2009
Water Lily

Wallpaper Other by daveyboy 2 comments

Great shots buddy, nice to see you again.

Greetings. - May 31 2009
Dore: Heaven and Hell

Wallpaper Other by hilarion 2 comments

I love it, thanks for share such great stuff =P - May 23 2009

Cursors by KuduK 4 comments

I have this one in my vista OS too, and works great, as well as the other one.
Thanks for sharing. - May 11 2009
Another Distance

Gnome Screenshots
by kai100

May 31 2009

by KuduK

May 31 2009