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Latte Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 306 comments

Score 87.4%
Apr 11 2020
1. Complied in vanilla Arch gives the righ click problem
2. Compiled under Manjaro Arch works OK.
So probably (will look into it) Arch uses a different frsamework. - Dec 31 2019
@psifidotos thanks for fixing the setting QT bug, but right mouse clicj does not work, I have to use super+A to open settings, I have 3 docks, but Super+A always opens the settings of the first dock. How can I open the settings of one of the other docks? - Dec 31 2019
Great! Thanks for the update, gonna test it right away! BTW did you also update the 0.10 so I can re-compile it? - Dec 30 2019
Installed openSUSE and the release version Latte works OK, but where can I find more info about how to compile the 0.10 release under openSUS. It compiled OK under arch, but the presents the reported problem.
- Dec 30 2019
Must be an Arch issue. Under fedora KDE no problems. Issues were with plain Arch, manjaro, and Archlabs. All Arch based. - Dec 29 2019
I enjoyed Latte for a long time now. I had to reinstall linux on my system, tried Arch, Manjaro Arch, Archlabs, but on every setup Latte installs fine, however when I open Latte settings and the closed it by clicking outside its window, settings closes, but the surrounding windows around latte (for adjusting and configuring widgets stays opened whatever I do. Please help? - Dec 29 2019
ChromeOS shell theme

Gnome Shell Themes 36 comments

Score 84.5%
Apr 03 2020
I changed my Arch to Fedora 3.34 and the problem is gone. Could have been Arch related...
- Dec 02 2019
Superb shell theme! Search function (super/windows key) however does not work when using this shell theme.
- Dec 02 2019