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by xbee
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Jul 19 2014
i remember i have selected canardPC as my default web service and i have checked copy uploaded file URL into clipboard, but after upgrading hotshots from OBS, all these configurations are lost. - May 20 2014
sorry for the unreadable image, i uploaded a new demo image.
i dont expect hotshots to be a vector editor. but an arrow with curved line is a common need, at least for me. - May 20 2014
i wish hotshots can draw arrows which the head line is as same thick as the tail line:
1,arrow with dotted line
2,arrow with line
3,arrow with dotted curved line
4,arrow with dotted curved line
please click the following image link to see what i really want
- May 19 2014
for example, i open editor and start to add annotations, i add a simple straight line into it, and then i try to undo this just added line by clicking ctrl+z. but this does work right now.

i really like this qt-app, its better than ksnapshot. - May 19 2014
after i upgrade it to the latest version, this feature works now on openSUSE 13.1 64bit, thanks for your quick response ! - May 19 2014
os:openSUSE 13.1
after an image having been uploaded to canardpc, i expect the uploaded image's url is automatically copied into clipboard, but it doesn't. i have already checked copy uploaded file url to clipboard in preferences -> network.
if i check launch default internet browser when done, it does open it. - May 14 2014
hotshots version:2.1.0
i found the following uploaders freeimagehosting,imgur, imageshack can not work, the logs are here:

ERROR:[22:22:15]: transfert end with error! (Error downloading - server replied: Not Acceptable)
ERROR:[22:22:31]: transfert end with error! (Error downloading - server replied: Bad Request)
ERROR:[22:22:47]: service reply with error (Uploading into a free account is not allowed)
INFO: [22:22:47]: transfert end without error.
INFO: [22:23:02]: CanardPC transfert end without error.

CanardPC works.
it seems all these online image hosting do not allow anonymous upload. please support authoriszed uploading with username and password.
and it's better if user can add any favorite image host.
- May 14 2014

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Dec 05 2017
i pronounce it as [kjuːzilɑ:] or [k^pːzilɑ:].
the first one, similar to cutezilla, but t is silent
the second one, similar to cupzilla
- Jun 14 2013

Plasma 4 Extensions 15 comments

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Mar 07 2014
i have updated the way how to update this plasmoid in the description. - May 20 2013
these two problems have been fixed.thanks for your feedback!
enjoy fun! - May 20 2013
Look's like wrong user there "1000" and not my login user name and theres no "1000" under "/run/user" either when the plasmoid runs

the directory /run is a tmpfs, and it exists in memory, so file manipulation in this directory is faster than in normal file system. 1000 is current user id, not user name.i think i should fallback to /tmp if /run does not exist
the missing info for CPU is maybe that i dont have "acpi/Thermal_Zone/0/Temperature" on my system (i use LM Sensors)
i should have realized that the directory /proc/acpi/thermal_zone is not always capable of providing cpu temperature informations. i should fallback to utilize sensors. is this directory empty in your machine? - May 20 2013
hi, vaxxipooh, thanks for your feedback !
to help me localize the source of the problem, would you please check 'enable trace ' for about 10 seconds, then email this file '/tmp/net.ubuntudaily.hwmon.trace.log' to me?
- May 19 2013

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Mar 23 2019
thanks for your great work!
would you please provide rpm packages for openSUSE 12.3? - Apr 26 2013

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Jun 02 2020
have you fix this problem ? please let me know, thanks! - Mar 16 2013

Video Apps 80 comments

by Lacky
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May 17 2013
when the mouse is left-single-clicked or right-single-clicked, or left-double-clicked, visual reactions can help people distinguish one from another. - Feb 17 2013
Score 85.8%
9   Mar 16 2013