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Stuart Longland Brisbane, Australia

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Hi All...
I did some digging around into this problem. It seems, libdvdread, when `make install` is run, doesn't copy across the dvd_udf.h file as part of the installation process.

The fix, is a 1-liner change in dvdread/ and dvdread/, adding dvd_udf.h to the list of files to be installed.

The following tarball, contains a patch to correct this problem. Gentoo users can extract this into their PORTAGE_OVERLAY directory, and proceed as per normal. Others, just grab the libdvdread-dvd_udf_h.patch file out of media-video/libdvdread/files, and apply to your sources before configuring.

In the same location, you'll also find the ebuild and supporting files for installing kdvdbackup, successfully tested on x86. It should theoretically work on AMD64, and probably even more obscure ones like MIPS, but I don't have the hardware to test this. (None of my MIPS boxes have CD-ROM drives, let alone DVD ... and I have no AMD64 boxes)

I may commit these into the Gentoo portage tree later down the track -- but first I'd like to get the dvd_udf.h issue sorted. The solution I have works, but I'm not sure it's correct.

I'll keep you posted.

Stuart Longland - Jan 02 2006