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Beryl/Emerald Themes
Ambiance DS BlueSB12

GTK3 Themes 84 comments

Score 79.5%
Aug 01 2019
this looks really great, it's a little too transparent for me to use, but it sure looks cool - Dec 12 2017

GTK3 Themes 16 comments

Score 77.7%
May 05 2016
does anybody know how to fix this theme to make it work with gtk 3.22? it makes the background extra dark depending on what window is active - Dec 15 2016
you are the man! thanks! this looks awesome. your efforts are greatly appreciated. - Apr 17 2016
ahh, yeah i see some transparency now in some gtk3 apps, this theme is beautiful, i hope u plan a metacity theme - Apr 16 2016
Awesome. I'd love to use it as my theme but I gotta wait for a matching metacity theme. - Apr 16 2016
Yeah I'm on arch with cinnamon. Has gtk 3.20, but cinnamon still uses megacity theme border for non-GNOME apps - Apr 16 2016
doesn't show transparancy for me on cinnamon, does that only work in gnome-session? or is there something I can do to enable it? - Apr 16 2016
no metacity folder? - Apr 16 2016
hmm, it's not showing up in my list of window borders in cinnamon, just the gtk3 controls, on arch, any ideas? - Apr 16 2016

GTK3 Themes 50 comments

Score 70.8%
Jan 24 2016
Love this theme, could we get an update for gtk 3.20? gnome went and broke all the old themes again :/ - Apr 12 2016

GTK3 Themes 79 comments

Score 74.6%
Aug 19 2014
Love this theme. Could you update it for gtk 3.20? Looks like gnome went and broke every theme with their update again. - Apr 10 2016

GTK3 Themes 9 comments

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Nov 27 2014
but still make the 3.14 version available too - Apr 10 2015
Could you please update this for 3.16? - Apr 10 2015
extract and place folder in ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes. To select the theme depends on if you're using the cinnamon or mate edition, but i'm sure you can figure it out from there - Jan 21 2015
OK, I have another complaint, again firefox related, this time it isn't a fluke. I get black text boxes with grey font on some web pages, and some pages I get white boxes with white font making the text invisible until I highlight it. I had to quit using the theme because of this. I love the theme but since firefox is my most used app I had to switch it up.... - Jan 21 2015
nevermind, restarted firefox and it looks good now - Jan 20 2015
Only thing i don't like is the way the active firefox tab looks, it has white on each side of the tabs and it doesn't look natural - Jan 20 2015
Exactly what I've been looking for. - Jan 20 2015
Klemma Linux Port

Cursors 4 comments

Score 63.3%
Sep 20 2012
I fixed it. Opened the xterm file in gimp and changed the hot spot for y to 15. Awesome theme. - Oct 18 2014
i really like this mouse theme, my only complaint is when it changes over text, i always end up pointing too high, like if i try to highlight a line of text i'll usually get the line above where i was aiming. the text icon behaves like a pointer where u have to hit the text with the top of it instead of centering the text in the middle. - Oct 18 2014
Back n Black GTK "Overhauled" v1.5

GTK3 Themes 36 comments

Score 74.3%
Mar 12 2012
no biggie, not gonna stop me from using the theme, best gtk3 theme out there imo. - Feb 24 2012
Hey, love the overhaul. Only one thing I noticed that bothers me slightly. Some text box's are not visible unless you're clicked on them. They're all black and blend in seamlessly with the black around them. Unless you know where they're at you wouldn't even know they're there. I think it's just the gtk2 portion of the theme. In synaptic package manager for example, the "quick search" box is invisible if you highlight anything else in the app. Seems to not be an issue with gtk3 apps. And it's not a problem with all gtk2 apps, if they're laid out in a certain way u can still see where the box is. - Feb 24 2012
By far the best gtk3 theme I've seen. I know there's a lot of fans of the black themes that have been looking for this. Thanks for paving the way and for all the help. Much appreciated. - Jan 21 2012
hmm, just tried loggin in and out, that didn't work, rebooted and that didn't work either, hmm, forget it if it works for u, probably another old package i have lol. Was just playing with mint 12 in the virtual machine, with all the shell extensions they have it is pretty dope, plus they have an alternative shell, plus a gnome 2 fork, it's all coming to the debian edition soon so I'll just deal till then. - Jan 20 2012
yes, everything looks ok now, pretty slick my friend - Jan 20 2012
Hey, might have found something u can tweak. I just enabled the showing of icons on the desktop, and they all have black text under them rather than the white that goes with the rest of your theme. Hard to see on my dark background. Maybe something u can fix? - Jan 20 2012
haha!!! figured it out, had to upgrade the gtk2-engines-murrine to 0.98, only had version 0.90 in the repo, works fine now - Jan 20 2012
really leaning towards theme engine for the gtk2 part, which one does this depend on? - Jan 20 2012
ya, really missing the wobbly windows, and window previews, and windows bursting to flames, and desktop cube, and transparent menu's, etc, lol. gnome 3 does look pretty slick, i'm gonna give it some time to learn it and get used to it but I dunno. Thanks for trying to help, I'll keep messing with it, I'll let u know if I find a solution. - Jan 20 2012
might change my mind if i can get your theme working though, lol, maybe it depends on a certain theme engine for the gtk2 stuff? - Jan 20 2012
using Linux Mint Debian Edition, with Sid for my main repo, i don't know if i can get used to not using compiz and having such a lack of features and control, compiz is the main reason i switched to linux lol - Jan 20 2012
ya, just upgraded to it last night, gnome3.2, and what a piece of crap it is, reinstalling my whole system and going back to gnome 2.3 is sounding really good right now - Jan 20 2012
ya, they're all in my ~/.themes folder using blapple right now cuz it themes everything, if I use yours exaile and firefox and stuff turn grey, only gtk3 apps are themed
- Jan 20 2012
Hey, love this theme, but for some reason it only theme's my gtk3 apps. All of my gtk2 stuff is the default grey theme. Does anyone know why this is so, this isn't the only gtk3 theme i have that does this, some of them i have theme everything, and some only do the gtk3 apps. Any help would be appreciated. - Jan 20 2012
Ambiance DS BlueBLK

GTK3 Themes 19 comments

Score 68.0%
Mar 28 2012
nevermind, i see it's murrine which i just updated to get another theme working, i see this is a work in progress, have u modified the gtk2 part from the original yet? cuz it still shows up as light colors for me. Like what you've done so far though, the window border is especially cool. - Jan 21 2012
hey, can u tell me which theme engine the gtk2 part of this theme requires? - Jan 21 2012
Weather Screenlet

Conky 10 comments

Score 58.6%
Feb 18 2009
this is my favorite weather screenlet but it won't work for me in ubuntu jaunty - May 31 2009
Oxygen-Refit 2 - White Version

Full Icon Themes 27 comments

Score 70.0%
Jul 16 2008
I can't get this to install, I installed it a few days ago and it worked fine. I tried to reinstall it again today and the package from both links fails to install. - Aug 26 2008
Vienna 3

Cursors 39 comments

by sour
Score 58.0%
Jun 13 2008
i have the same or similar problem with ubuntu, i finally got this mouse cursor working by installing through the appearance menu and clicking apply new theme, i installed a few different cursors that i was having trouble getting to install with this method, but when i reboot, only the one i have currently selected still exist, all of the rest disappear, no idea why, this happens with any cursor i try that was converted from xp - Jul 30 2008
i installed the usual way and manually and neither way will get the theme to show up in my list of mouse pointers on ubuntu hardy - Jul 29 2008
T3CH-STYL3 panel and start button

Various Gnome Stuff 11 comments

Score 50.0%
Jun 25 2008
Could you do that please? That you sooooo much.....patiently waiting.... - Jun 30 2008
Well I guess there's two ways too do it (that I know of).

1. Replace the icon your theme uses for the panel background with the one you want, for me it was ~/.themes/SlicknesS-black/gtk-2.0/panel/panel-bg.png. I don't know if it's always in the same spot but I checked a few different themes and it was ~/.themes/name of theme/panel-bg.png


2. Delete the icon your theme uses for the panel background. Then choose your panel background by right clicking on the panel and going to the properties.

Hey by any chance to you have a copy of this panel laying around before you gave it the light shade across the top? My clock text is white and makes it hard to read. Very cool panel though, I like the emerald theme and splash screen too. - Jun 27 2008
Nevermind, I figured it out, sorry for the spam. - Jun 26 2008
Meent to say GTK theme not GDM...obviously... - Jun 26 2008
I like this panel a lot. But do you by any chance know how to make it theme the whole panel when a gdm theme is making everything behind the icons and clock and stuff on the right a different color? - Jun 26 2008
nUbuntu GDM Logins

GDM Themes 18 comments

by Day
Score 63.3%
Jan 19 2008
this theme hangs on Hardy, will not load login screen, with this gdm theme in use. - Apr 26 2008

Wallpaper Other 10 comments

by taner
Score 50.0%
Mar 21 2008
very nice, taner does it again - Mar 21 2008
by oscrp
Score 50.0%
Aug 10 2008
Is is indeed fixed, thanks. - Jan 31 2008
Cool screenlet, but for some reason for me, if I put the screenlet within a quarter inch from the side of my screen, when I close and reload it, it'll reposition itself another quarter inch further from the edge, weird. - Jan 27 2008
nameless simplicity

Beryl/Emerald Themes 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 17 2008
Thanks, glad you like it ;) - Jan 17 2008
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9   Apr 12 2016

GTK3 Themes
by RoGeRDeStRoY

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9   Jan 20 2015
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9   Jan 20 2012