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Andreas Steffen

Wallpaper Other by asaf 2 comments

Hmm, is that the Aggenstein? (mountain in the german alps) - May 19 2005
Nuclear explosion

Wallpaper Other by ankerl 4 comments

Well, whether the sun is an "explosion" is debatable (looking at the protuberances though, parts of it are certainly expanding rapidly), but it is most definitely "nuclear." :) - May 13 2005
German translation for Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by sakya 3 comments

Some places have so shitty weather, they can have several downpours all at the same time :) - Jan 25 2005

Science by ElHefe38 1 comment

We're talking about Hausdorff distances and analytical geometry in my Mathematics course at the moment. This program has really lent some visualization to our homework, allowing us to develop some intuition as to the results we should be expecting. Thank you. - Aug 18 2004
Mac-style Top Bar

Karamba & Superkaramba by gryphonlord2001 8 comments

Could you also look into incorporating the Menu applet into this theme? In my opinion, the central content of the OS X top bar is the current application's menu, not the clock or the system tray. So far nice work, though. - Jul 27 2004
Kontact Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by leinir 5 comments

I quite agree with the other comment. The splash is great, the enlargement has to go. It crams up the picture, and, more importantly, it is reminiscent of comic books or such, However, as the contest said, Kontact needs to be serious enough to appear viable for business. I think that you should find some way in which you can write "Kontact" in horizontally, and in bigger letters. If you manage that, you'll improved the splash a lot. - Apr 23 2004
Lin UX

KDE Plasma Screenshots by jucamaba2004 4 comments

Actually, that's the Sparkling set, not Everaldo's Kiddie set (although I believe he might have called it "Kinder", but that's one and the same). The sparkling set is still rather incomplete, but works quite well with the Aqua look. The simple but very shiny icons harmonize with the glassy buttons and tabs. - Apr 18 2004
SUSE Dont Have to be Green

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Omigosh 2 comments

Do you actually work on that desktop? If so, you must be Buddha, or something. If I had a glaring blood red in front of my eyes for longer than five minutes, I'd go spare. Not to mention my eyes'd start hurting. - Apr 18 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ntesa 2 comments

Umm, can you actually read the white newsticker font on top of the white wallpaper? - Apr 18 2004
My Gentoo Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by nomadnr1 2 comments

Quite nice. Cynapses Karamba with Lila Icons, and a comic-like font for the title bars. It's a bit too dark and purple for my tastes, but if it suits you, that's enough. Particularly interesting is the wallpaper, though. It's has a look that reminds me a bit of some manga drawings I've seen, but is still subtle enough to not be distracting. - Apr 18 2004

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd 706 comments

Another *very* important feature: A system tray. I would love to use ksmoothdock instead of kicker, but I can't until I can see my ICQ notification or control my JuK from it. However, if I remember correctly, adding a system tray is not all that difficult. Good Luck! - Apr 13 2004
KeramikAqua Theme for T610

Various Stuff by tagwar 7 comments

On the risk of revealing my total ignorance... what the devil is a "T610"? A handy? A PDA? A glorified tamagotchi? It has to be something with a small colour screen, and the "Call" button suggests something with phone capabilities. - Mar 08 2004
Crystal Smoke

Wallpaper Other by marcm2003 2 comments

I can't help but wonder whether that "smoking" is meant to be an adjective, as in
"That wood is smoking."
or a progressive, as in
"I am smoking this wee- eh, wood."

Looking at the wallpaper, I think the latter more likely ;) - Mar 07 2004
Student Developed Education Policy

KDE 3 Color Schemes by CeSDEP 2 comments

I hope you can forgive me for saying this, but that doesn't really look all that good. I mean, my impression was that someone had taken an ordinary green-grey desktop, and just discoloured all the grey to look kind of ocre. I'm afraid I'll stick to color schemes that don't make it look like I spilled coffee on my screen. Then again, I use Plastik color scheme, so I don't really believe in saturation, I guess. - Feb 21 2004
beauty has a name. KDE melon

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Emon 3 comments

Nice wallpaper. The staid green has a certain touch without being so aggravating you can't look at it for two minutes straight. Concerning your further plans, however, I must confess that I find the idea of a melon-themed windeco highly... disturbing. From there, it isn't far to strawberry-shaped radio buttons, and at that point, death might be a mercy. - Feb 21 2004
Bittorrent MIME Type Crystal Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by yemu 5 comments

A very nice icon that embodies the fundamental quality of bittorrent, the give-and-take (wasn't there some fiction book that used the phrase giftake?). The question is whether laypeople know that this is a characteristic of bittorrent. For that reason, I was wondering if the image could get a more "torrentious" quality. Something like a wave made up of 1's and 0's, or a stream of arrows. Just thinking aloud here. It's already a great icon :) - Feb 20 2004
mY first wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by browntim 11 comments

The parody is somewhat redeeming, but you remind me of HIM, therefore I shall mod you down with hooves of iron! - Feb 10 2004

Various Artwork by zmeden 8 comments

I'm not sure. Isn't there one somewhere in the Dakotas? - Jan 17 2004
Crystal SVG

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 132 comments

This is brilliant! No wonder it's the standard on virtually every distor there is (apart from RedHat, but who cares about them). Seems like the publishers are also appreciating your effort, and supporting you. Apropos support: Kudos to your wife for magnanimity. It's obvious that a lot of time and love has been spent on this. - Jan 14 2004
Powered by GNU/Linux

Wallpaper Other by Guimauve2 3 comments

It's kind of interesting how the major distros make up trios: The three desktop/novice offerings: SuSE, Redhat, Mandrake. Then the three geeky project distros: Debian, Slackware and Gentoo. Of course, there are others (Knoppix--yeah; Lindows--bleargh). Just an observation. - Jan 03 2004
QSplitter mod

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lkmts 8 comments

What ends? Let's see *Ctrl+Shift+l* ... oh, right, the ends of the divider don't connect to the window frame. Hmmm, would be a nice detail, but it doesn't seem very important to me. To be fair though, I'm using Baghira style, where the difference is not as easy to see. - Dec 28 2003

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the the animated progress bars. I requested them about 10 days ago, and lo and behold, I received! Which makes you an awesome developer (I read up on the QT code and discovered that animated progress bars are not easy to do properly) and me a very happy person. Kudos.

On another note, just in case you don't know what to do next, here's a little feature request. The tabs you use right now are Jaguar style: a tab with rounded upper corners, perched on a thin bar the width of the tabgroup. What would be absolutely fantastic would be a panther style tabgroup. For those who haven't seen it yet, the group appears as a rectangular depression with rounded corners and slightly darkened background. In the center of the upper edge, there is an aqua-style rectangle with the left and right edge convex. This rectangle is divided by vertical lines to form the various tabs in the tabgroup. It looks absolutely great (not that the current Baghira doesn't). Should you require screen shots of this widget, I'd be only too happy to provide some. - Dec 21 2003
Gloss Cartooon

Icon Sub-Sets by Maui15 10 comments

If you really want to make them look cartoonish, there are several things you might want to change (right now it looks like a shiny Outline). First, make those straight lines and angles a bit more crooked. No one can draw that straight. Then, lose the shinyness - it's not cartoonish either.

In fact, just look at a few cartoons. There are huge differences in style, say, oppulent Disney painting, abstract Gendy Tartakowsky or the crispness of a manga (well, most manga I like are drawn crisply, at least).
Oh, and a last piece of advice: Don't listen too much to non-artist people like me :) - Dec 16 2003
Life is a Dash...

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 42 comments

"I don't plan to live forever through my works, I plan to live forever by not dying."
-Woody Allen - Dec 12 2003

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments

My feature wish for the next release is clear: Explanations for the settings in the kcontrol module! I have no idea what a "Kicker bevel" is, or what "smooth LVH" refers to. However, when I select the help buttons and click on the respective elements, all I get is "Configure your Big BlackCat". Would be very usable. Oh, and a second thing: Could you make the progress bars animated, like in Panther? Pretty please? - Dec 11 2003
Less Viruses - More Fun!!

Wallpaper Other by peekaboo71 6 comments

Actually, it should be called "fewer virii." "Virii" since "virus" is a latin u-declination word, and "fewer" because virii can be counted. You say "less apple juice" but "fewer apples".
Just my daily dose of nitpicking - don't let it bother you.

BTW, what is the text - "Ped *[&]" or something lie that - supposed to denote? - Dec 08 2003
Knifty (KDE >= 3.2)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ceebx 78 comments

Yes yes yes! My pleas have been heard! Since all packaged styles apart from KDE2 and Keramik are totally unbearable (at least to me) the release of a 3.2-compatible style is truely a godsend. Thank you! - Nov 10 2003
Gentoo and Larry and Penguins

Wallpaper Other by ilovemrtux 2 comments

Where did you get that completely *URGH* green from? - Oct 29 2003
Eye in the Sky

Wallpaper Other by cloeser 2 comments

The iSeries continues! After the iMac, the iBook and the iPod now iInTheSky, iInDeepSpace and iOnFire. Continuing the attractive design of their predecessors, try now!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Truly original idea. Even if it makes me feel a bit... watched. - Oct 13 2003
Got Christ?

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 130 comments

The open source community has always promoted free uttering of opinions (calling wallpapers "speech" is a bit odd, in my opinion). Meaning that we have to bear this guy's missionary attempts with a minimum of grace. Erasing his work would be excessive censorship, and leaving this site permanently just because of him is paying him too much attention.

Fortunately, this stuff is always easily identified and avoided. Also, this is beginning to spawn counter-missionary satanistic art. The first try wasn't all that hot, but I look forward to getting cool pentagrams and arcane symbols to decorate my desktop with. Last but not least, this wannabe missionary isn't all that good an artist - free opinion and all that aside, we can still flame him for making ugly wallpapers. Alternatively, you can maliciously ignore his postings and privately deny his existence. - Oct 07 2003
The Way

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 46 comments

Well, seems like lately all kinds of people have been doing wallpapers with tolerable to atrocious art and wannabe-insightful scripture quotes. I knew from reading Slashdot that Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming up, but I didn't know it was Write Like a Jesus Week, too. - Sep 18 2003
Debian WP II Glow V2

Wallpapers Debian by JiinYaroon 4 comments

I really, really like the glow effect of the debian sign! The background is cool too, and I would really love to have your wallpaper EXCEPT that for some reason the scourge of colours, a vibrant, candy pink seems to have infiltrated you picture. Blue I'd love, green would be nice, violet an acquired taste. Pink, no way! - Sep 17 2003
Debian Sonogram Wallpaper

Wallpapers Debian by DogFaceMonk 4 comments

Without resorting to obscenities, it is really ugly. Since you seem to be using the advanced features of GIMP, I'm certain you can do much better (hell, even I have, and I have no clue how fu-script works). - Sep 09 2003
i am root (My first try)

Wallpaper Other by viper21634 3 comments

Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain! - Sep 08 2003
Pacifica Style

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by BigRedFish 8 comments

Well, it certainly fulfills the requirements for being called "minimalist." All the grey makes me feel like I fell into Momo (you know, the grey men that steal people's time?). Not that a clean style like this wouldn't have its following, but I for one chose KDE because WindowMaker wasn't oppulent enough. Maybe people that are not such gluttons for eye candy as I am wouldn't have a problem with that ;) - Sep 04 2003
Green Tea

KDE 3 Color Schemes by norbalin 11 comments

Nice one. But I have already achieved the "Tea" look by another venue: I spilled my cup of tea over my screen, leaving couple of stains (tea stains are a b*tch to get out, since I can't scrub my TFT). In comparison with the real thing your scheme nicely accomplishes the staid, understated feel of a good cup of three o' clock tea. And no, I'm not british. - Sep 03 2003

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by normann 2 comments

This wallpaper is just screaming for antialiasing. Even if it was I wouldn't like it too much, but right now its just a study on that little step effect you get without antialisaing your fonts. - Sep 01 2003
Gentoo-2.6.0-mm4 (KDE)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by googolplexhex 2 comments

What? KDE 3.1.3 got out only this year and your Gentoo finished compiling it already? ;-)
Nah, just ribbing you. Does look quite nice though! - Aug 10 2003
Windoze freeze

KDE Plasma Screenshots by chuligan 1 comment

Oh yeah, I had sth. like that happen under KDE once. I set MPlayer as default app for .avi files, selected 100 .avi and expected them to be opened in ONE MPlayer process. Instead Konqueror opened 100 parallel MPlayers and froze my machine (i.e. it took 3 minutes for the 'killall mplayer' command to be processed). Too bad Winodze doesn't have killall ;-) - Aug 10 2003